Wanting to Reward Your Workers? Here Are Our Recommendations

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Businesses have moved from a competitive work environment into developing work environments where collaboration is valued.  As a result, many companies are increasingly looking to engage employees in recognition and team building events.  From retreats to group “play” days, there are many benefits and organised events can improve productivity and motivation, as well as, encouraging group problem solving and creativity.   It is important that the recognition event activity should be something that is appropriate for everyone on the team.

As teams begin to work on a project, outline the project path and the reward that the team will receive when they achieve success.  Having a common goal allows employees, many of whom may not regularly work together, to come together on a project, unite their efforts and learn to rely and work with each other more effectively.  One company brings together geographically separated groups to work collectively on a community project as a day of service.  These service days allow employees to work together using the skills and products that the company is known for. Another may be taking workers out to a sports game or event. In each of these examples, staff members are rewarded for their collective efforts but they are also given the opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and feelings of trust.  The results benefit the company’s business in the long run.


There are many ways to recognize employee’s efforts and their successes.  Here are a few ideas.


Whether it is working at an area food bank or rehabilitating a local community centre, employees who are given the opportunity to volunteer in the community come back re-energized.  Volunteering is also a way for employees to further develop leadership skills beyond what they would have learned in a seminar setting.  Working together allows employees to learn and grow together while contributing to a cause that is important to them.  As a recognition tool, this can be powerful for a management team.

Days Out

Visiting a museum or nature centre as a group encourages employees to learn and rewards them with a fun day away from the demands and constant interruptions of the office.  Work days out can also be tied to a subject matter or process that directly correlates to the company’s business.  For instance, a coffee company can send employees on a field trip to a museum or nature center to learn about the growing or manufacturing process.  Employees will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about how their work is connected to a much larger process and how what they do on a daily basis impacts others.

High Profile Events


Giving workers the opportunity to participate in high profile events is another excellent way to recognize them for their efforts.  It gives them the opportunity to be together away from the office, strengthen relationships and make everyone feel special for their efforts to make the company successful.  For example, taking the team to a corporate hospitality event, such as Cheltenham Festival, gives employees the opportunity to be part of the biggest race meeting in the National Hunt Season.  Employees will have the opportunity to see the finest British and Irish horses in action.  This will be a great break away from the office and all workers will be able to socialize in a stress-free environment, meaning that relationships will be built and when it comes to working as a team again, everyone will be much more comfortable and cooperative with one another.

Recognizing employees for their efforts is important to corporate operations.  It improves employee morale, teamwork and communication.  Thanking individuals in ways that are special to them is never time wasted.

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