Traveling Abroad? How to Effectively Beat Jet Lag

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If you love traveling but are flattened by jetlag, try these five tips to make the most of your time on your precious vacation time. Most of these tips are obvious, like to watch what you eat and to only sleeping during the nighttime, but there are jet lag supplements on the market  than can ease your exhaustion and help you adjust to the local time. There are hundreds of supplements out there and it’s difficult to figure out what is best for you. To ensure you can purchase an excellent jet lag cure, you can read reviews from actual customers to see how the supplement helps them. Click here find out more about Research Verified reviews.

Five Tips to Overcome Jet Lag

You just landed in Italy and your dream vacation is carefully planned. Whether you’re hitting the hot spots, wandering the ancient streets or enjoying bowls fresh made pasta, you want to have enough energy to enjoy your trip. Jet lag ruins your anticipation and  instead of meeting the walking group that you scheduled last week, all you want to do is head to your hotel and fall asleep.

After perusing several articles that efficiently explain how to adjust to your new time zone,, we found five main suggestions that seem to help. After reading these five easy-to-follow tips, your sleepiness with be gone and you’ll be ready to tour.

These five tips are:

  • Eat during meal times
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of sunshine
  • Avoid naps
  • Try some jet lag supplements


Most airlines already understand this method by serving dinner and breakfast during the correct times of your destination. Although it may feel weird to munch on some granola and yogurt at midnight your time, it will help adjust your body more quickly to the new schedule, and you’ll be hungry during the correct mealtimes.


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There are many benefits to staying hydrated, but one main reason is it makes you feeling rejuvenated and helps you sleep better. Water is a great way to flush out any toxins in your body that you may have picked up on the flight. It also helps your digestive system function properly, and assists in adjusting your circadian rhythm, or your natural sleep cycle, which we will discuss below. You may already know this but check the quality of tap water of your destination country; sometimes it is dangerous to ingest any tap water as there is poor filtration. In that case, ensure that bottled water is readily available.

The Power of Sunlight

A great way to acclimate to a new timezone is to expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible. Sunshine automatically helps lower your melatonin levels in your brain. Melatonin is a natural hormone that rises during the evening, and is naturally triggered when it starts getting dark outside. Simply taking a brisk walk along the beach can help adjust your melatonin levels and help you stay awake during the daytime.

The Sleep/Wake Cycle

Sunlight is not a perfect solution to beating jet lag; your natural sleep/wake cycle is totally out of wack now that you’re in a very different time zone. Your circadian rhythm is easily affected whether you are two hours behind your normal time zone or nine hours ahead. In order to adjust as quickly as possible to your new surroundings you must try to avoid naps. Falling asleep raises melatonin levels in your brain and prevents you from feeling tired later on. No one wants to be restless and awake at 4:00 am because he or she took an early nap. Don’t let this happen to you!

Jet lag supplements

A helpful fix for these travel issues such as feeling too much anxiety, sleepiness and regulating melatonin levels is  to take a supplement. Jet lag supplements are helpful in both your flight to your destination and re-adjusting your sleep/wake cycle to fully enjoy your trip. There are dual-action pills on the market that address these problems; look for supplements that contain L-ornithine, which alleviates stress and helps your body’s circadian rhythm adjust to the local time zone.

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