Top 5 Inspirational TV Shows For The Career Pro


TV has been losing its reputation for many reasons in the recent past. Children are being kept away from it as it contains too much inappropriateness. Adults are being told it wastes too much time. In the midst of all these, there is still some good left on TV if one chooses what to observe. Some shows could change one’s life for the better. Again, that is where the news reaches us. To support these claims, here are some top 5 inspiration TV shows.

  1. Shark Tank

Number one had to be Shark Tank! This is an American TV show that features multi-millionaires and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs pitch the millionaires into investing in the ideas that they bring up. The views and talk you can get from this show are out of this world!

  1. Millionaire Matchmaker

Lest you went wrong with his one, it is not about investment or money. It is a dating or hookup TV show. The star of the show, Patti Stanger, brings single millionaires together and tries to put them together. Some of the dates culminate in serious relationships while others fail. You only need to watch it once to know that, indeed, money cannot buy love. You might end up feeling content with whatever you have as long as you have the passion!

  1. Mad Men

This drama series is set in the ’60 themes and revolves around a New York-based ad Company “Sterling Cooper & Partners.” You get to learn about global workplace issues that haunt people in the show. These include racial discrimination, gender inequality, sex scandals, corporate positioning and buyouts, office romance, and so on. Experience the struggle of being a man in the ‘60s.

  1. Redemption Inc.

This is a Canadian TV show hosted by Kevin O’ Leary, who is one of the investors in the Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank TV shows. On the show, ex-cons are made to compete for $100,000 to utilize in putting up their businesses. Each week, one person is fired and has to start elsewhere. This is one show that broadcasts the issue of success and failure in the most realistic way possible.

  1. An African City

This is a series that features five [successful] professional African American ladies. Its theme surrounds the minority professionals. The women meet and, with their skills, return to Ghana to work and live. They lead the viewers on the transitional journey from the U.K. and the U.S. back into Africa. From the show, you learn to live in Africa, work there, and find love, too.

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