Tips for Those Considering a Career Change

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There is nothing wrong with considering a career change. A lot of workers choose to stay in their current job even when their career is not going anywhere. While job security is important, you can achieve so much more in this situation by pivoting to a new job or a new career entirely.

A career change doesn’t have to be scary either. There are some simple tips you can follow to help make the transition as smooth and as rewarding as possible. We are going to talk about those tips in this article.

Better Position or Better Pay

There are two things you need to seek when thinking about a new career: a better position or a better reward or pay. Moving to a new career and filling a position higher than your current one can help you push your career forward. While the pay may not be as high as you expect, the extra responsibilities and added career options will help you move forward faster.

While many will jump on the chance to fill a higher position in a heartbeat, not all workers consider a lower position, even when the rewards are better than their existing jobs. In reality, settling for the same – or even lower – position that offers better pay is also a good idea. This is usually a sign that you’re working for a more established company. You can still refresh your career plans and pursue the higher position you have always wanted without letting go of job security in the process.

Give It Another Look


You may not even have to move to a new company or change your career entirely just to push it forward. Take another look at your current job and see if you can still improve. Talking to your superiors, letting them know about your accomplishments and asking for genuine advice on how to improve are among the things you can do to change things.

Self-promotion and taking initiative are often the nudges needed to shift your career to a new direction. You may not have been considered for promotions before, but landing a job as a manager or moving up the corporate ladder will not be difficult once the company notices your accomplishments and value.

Retrain Yourself

There is one way to ensure a better career when you choose to make a career change and that is by retraining yourself. You can take short courses and certifications to acquire new skills. Be sure to update your CV every time you complete a course so that your chances of qualifying for a better position increase instantly.

You can even consider taking an online course to pursue a master’s degree. Some of the best accelerated business degrees online are coming from top universities across the country. They can be taken through online courses, which allow you to study in your own time. The courses are flexible enough to take while maintaining a fulltime job.

Similar to the short courses, don’t forget to update your CV when you choose to take an online master’s degree; update it as soon as you get started with the course. The act of pursuing a master’s degree alone is enough to increase your value in the eyes of employers.

Expand Your Network


Of course, the best way to find new, better opportunities is by expanding your network. Get in touch with old friends and colleagues. Drop your CV to known head-hunters, especially those you’ve come in contact with before. You should also dust off your LinkedIn and social media pages and connect with industry experts.

A career change can be daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can learn from and connecting with them is easier than ever thanks to the social networks we have today.

Plan Your Steps

Last but not least, always take the time to make a clearer career plan than before. One of the reasons many are stuck in the same position for so long is because they don’t have clear goals and plans to achieve them. Since you’re making a career change, now is the best time to get your plans together.

Imagine the things you want to achieve in the near future and figure out ways to achieve those goals. How soon do you want to be promoted? What is your expected salary in 3 or 5 years? The more details you add to the plan, the better chances you have of achieving them. This tip, along with the previous ones we talked about in this article, will help you have a smooth career change.

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