The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide: 10 Things You Need to do Before You Start Freelancing

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Not everyone is made for a regular day job. Some people have to go out on their own and make their own money. The rise of the internet has made freelancing a lot easier. To make sure you succeed in your freelancing career, you should do these 10 things:

  1. Build Your Brand, Portfolio, and Professional Network

Developing your brand, portfolio and professional network will help you get new work easily. You will be able to learn about gigs even before they become public, and your friends will recommend you to people who might need your services.

  1. Master the Business Aspects of Freelancing

Since you will not be working for anyone in particular, you have to handle the registration of your business, payment of taxes and even buying of insurance. You also have to plan your retirement on your own.

  1. Submit Stunning Proposals

Your proposal should not just be a menu of your services- it should be personalized and designed to offer them a solution to their actual problem. An important part of your emails should be the subject line. It should show that you understand their problem and have a good solution for them.Set Your Freelance Rate

If you are new to your industry, you may not be able to charge clients your ideal rate. However, you should always make sure your rate compares favorably with the standard in the market.

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  1. Learn How to Invoice

Your invoices should contain all important details of the service you offered. If your company is VAT registered, you should also include the tax details.

  1. Be Organized

To stay organized, you should have a daily schedule and always commit to the number of jobs you can comfortably handle. This way, you will always be on time and will never be overwhelmed.

  1. Write Down Your Goals and Make Plans to Act on Them

As a freelancer, you will be in charge of your income. That means you only earn as much as you work for. To make sure you always stay on track, you must have realistic goals and a detailed plan of action.

  1. Buy the Essential Equipment

Owning certain equipment will allow you to save time and build a client base fast. Some necessary equipment would be a computer, an accounting system, a time tracking tool and cloud-based document storage. All telephones can also help your freelancing business grow.

  1. Set Aside Some Leisure Time

Relaxing is important for creativity and motivation. It can be hard to tell where your work ends as a freelancer, and that is why you need to set targets and limits.

  1. Believe in Yourself

Doubting your abilities can prevent you from delivering your work or even trying to find it in the first place. To manage your self-confidence, you can start by pitching smaller organizations.


Freelancing comes with its own challenges, but it can be highly lucrative if you do it right. Just follow these 10 tips and you should be on your way to success.

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