The Impact Technology Is Set To Have On The World of Business

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For anyone who has worked in an office over the past decade, you’ll know how much times have changed. With technology and software constantly evolving, the way in which we work has developed significantly and only for the better. It didn’t feel too long ago that most tasks were completed on paper and fast broadband wasn’t a luxury that we have in today’s world. With the ability to use conference call, store data securely online and having the option of creating a paperless workplace at our disposal, it’s clear to see how far technology and internet speed has come over the past 10 years.

With help from TalkTalk Business, we can catch a glimpse into what the workplace may look like in 2025. Most businesses will embrace where technology is taking us but others will be more hesitant. By looking at the infographic below, we can gain an idea as to the areas which may develop over the coming years and how you can plan ahead.

Fast internet connectivity

It’s highly likely that most workplaces will already have reliable connectivity to the internet, but if not, it’s something that needs to be invested in. As software develops and the need to store data online becomes more prominent, it’s important you can access these services quickly and securely. Without fast internet connectivity, you’ll struggle to complete important tasks and fall behind where technology is growing.

Cloud based phone system

Communicating over the phone is a task we take for granted and for most of us, we do it on a daily basis. There will always be a need for telephones but not many people are aware of a cloud based phone system. The difference between a normal phone and a cloud based phone system is that you can make calls over the internet, instead of the usual method. By doing this you can dial into conference calls on the go, as well as share files with other people, through a secure internet connected data centre.

Move with the times…

Sometimes is easy to worry about how things will change, especially when it involves your business/career. It’s important to move with the times and embrace the changes as they’ll only put you in a stronger position and open up new opportunities. It’s exciting to think how far the world of business has evolved over the past decade and it’s only going to get better. By planning ahead and making small changes now, it will only benefit you and your business in the long run.

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