The Career Potential of the Healthcare Industry

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The medical field is extremely diverse, with a wide range of professional opportunities, including nursing, general medical practice, specialization, physical therapy, pharmacy, social work, etc. While there is no doubt that pursuing a career in the medical field and the healthcare industry requires a formal degree, there is no question that working in this offers significant benefits and perks.

No matter where you live or where you intend to set up your practice, there generally is always a need for a healthcare worker. If we look at the current situation, the entire world is going through a healthcare crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, and among the few people who are still enjoying a stable future are healthcare workers. In addition, because of the rising number of cases every day, many countries and regions are facing a shortage of healthcare workers, and many of the existing healthcare staff are being offered overtime.

It is important to salute these healthcare workers and recognize the sacrifice they make and the risks they are taking to provide care to patients. Healthcare workers have been widely appreciated by everyone around the globe, including non-medical industries. Restaurants and fast-food chains are supplying healthcare workers with free food; national airlines are offering free and/or discounted travel, and hotels have offered free boarding and lodging. This is the kind of respect and admiration this profession enjoys.

Here are a few benefits of entering the medical profession:

Job Stability and Security: There are always plenty of jobs in the field of medicine as the prevalence of disease and demand for treatment continues to increase. The US Labor Department has indicated that the healthcare industry is going to grow by 26% by 2022, and will create at least 4 million new jobs. With the aging population, the nation will need healthcare workers in almost every specialty. Hence, there is no shortage of job stability and security in this field, as healthcare is always considered an essential service.

Compensation: Individuals who work in the medical field, irrespective of the specialty, are some of the highest-paid in the country. Doctors easily make six figure incomes, and nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers, and physician assistants are not far off. Basic salaries for most healthcare workers often start around $70-$100K a year, and with overtime, these professionals can make much more. Also, healthcare professionals with more experience and advanced degrees get higher pay.

Bonuses: Healthcare institutions always want to retain the best talent and often go out of their way to retain their staff. Also, in order to attract the most qualified candidates, employers often offer bonuses and or relocation expenses as part of the salary package. Also, healthcare institutions that are profitable ensure that their healthcare workers are rewarded from time to time.

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Benefits: Apart from these bonuses, reputable healthcare workers also receive discount coupons from various commercial businesses such as hotels, insurance companies, travel agencies etc. Healthcare workers are often given some of the best car, home, and life insurance rates. Some of these insurance discounts come because of unions, but in many cases, insurance companies offer healthcare workers significantly bigger discounts and more comprehensive coverage because of their profession and standing in society.

Satisfaction: One of the virtues of medicine is that it allows people to change the lives of patients for the better. For those who enjoy helping people and improving their lives, healthcare is the noblest profession. Most healthcare workers are compassionate, have empathy and are motivating, which makes them stand out in the community

Career Path: Another benefit of working in healthcare is that one has a chance to go up the ladder. With more education and experience, healthcare workers can become leaders, managers, CEOs, and supervisors. For example, a nurse who has worked on the medical floors can become a nurse manager with more experience and education; and with the rise in position, also comes a bigger paycheck.

Variety in Work: Unlike most other professions, there is a tremendous variety in the medical field. For example, doctors can choose to be a general practitioner or a cardiologist, a radiologist, or a surgeon. Nurses have the option of working in the emergency room, on the medical or surgical floor, in the operating room, looking after disabled people or working with children. Pharmacists can open their own retail store or work in a hospital where they can specialize in nutrition, treatment of cancer, or general pharmacy. This variety of work prevents monotony and is always stimulating.

Opportunity to Travel: Healthcare workers have ample opportunities to travel and work in other places. Nurses, surgery technicians, and even doctors often work in several places and some times in different states/provinces. During the COVID crisis, nurses and doctors from other states have been asked to come to states with a high volume of infections. All their expenses are paid, and they are also paid bonuses because of their hard work and sacrifice.

Overall, the healthcare field has numerous opportunities for those who have the will and the courage to succeed. This profession requires significant dedication and involves long hours, stressful environment and sacrifice. But the rewards that healthcare workers get are not just monetary but also emotional and psychological. This is a very noble profession and with many rewards for those who have the willingness and motivation.

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