The 5 Best Jobs for People who Love to Travel

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How many times has a lack of money or time off work kept you from fulfilling your travel goals and dreams? If you have a passion for sailing, flying, teaching, the arts or sports such as surfing and skiing then we may have a solution for you. Quit your soul crushing job today and get yourself a career where you can get paid for exploring the world and the hottest travel destination.

Work on a Cruise Ship

If you are looking for a career that will provide you with opportunities for travel then you should consider applying for work on cruise ships. It does not get much better than getting paid to travel around the world and that is exactly what you get when working on one. If the travel isn’t enough maybe the free meals and accommodations for employees will be.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendant is a fun and easily attainable job that allows you to fly all around the world and get paid for it. However, you will need certification and prior experience in customer service before landing a job as a flight attendant. Spend weekends in Spain and nights in Europe regularly with this travel career choice. This job isn’t easy if you are expecting routine hours and isn’t for someone who is interested in an easy going lifestyle. If you are prepared for crazy hours consider the fact that flight attendants get more discounts for themselves and their families the more they work. As if free travel alone wasn’t enough incentive, the pay itself isn’t so bad either.

Teach English

Teaching English is a highly sought after skill around the world. However, there are requirements that vary from country to country, the certification is easily obtainable as long as you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. ESL teachers are capable of living very productive lives filled with opportunities to travel. Locations that have the highest demand and best pay for ESL teachers include Asian, Central American and European countries like teaching English in China for example. China is a huge country with limitless opportunities for English teachers where the average salary is 12,000 RMB per month.

Become a Surf or Ski Instructor

If you are an athletic person then consider turning your passion into a travel career as a surf or ski instructor. The jobs may be seasons but as a professional in the fiel you will still get to visit popular travel destinations such as the French Alps (skiing) or Great Barrier Reef (surfing). Consider teaching in Europe for its rich culture and famous ski destinations. Change up hemispheres during your world travels to make the job more permanent, especially if traveling as a ski instructor. Keep in mind you have to be certified in each individual country that you want to teach in.

Photograph & Film Travel

If you are a creative type with a passion for photography or film then we have some good news for you. It is possible to work full time while turning your passion into a travel career as a photographer. Success will come easier to someone who has already developed skill and earned experience in the field. Pack your camera, practice, snap tons of photos and sell them as you travel the world doing what you love.

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