When It Is Still Worth it to Print Something Out

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With the advent and then the steady growth of smart phones, we are carrying more and more information around with us constantly. This has definitely reduced the need for printing things out, but honestly, far from eliminated it.

What things are still worth printing out these days? Should you junk your old printer, or if you don’t have a printer anymore, is it a good idea to go out and get maybe a nice Konica Minolta, so you don’t get caught out? Here are some instances where having a quality printer can come in handy

Dealing With Banks:

Specifically, the main case where you want to be blessed with a good printer at home would be when applying for a mortgage or any other sort of heavy loan. The bank is going to want a stack of paperwork for this, and they almost always insist on it being hard copy.

If you’re caught out with a printer in a case like this, it’s easy to wind up having to visit a print shop multiple times, each time shelling out big bucks for printing tons of documents. This also takes time out of your busy schedule, and unless you are blessed enough to live near a 24 hour print shop, that means traffic, parking, and dealing with their hours of operation, which may or may not be to your convenience.

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Dealing With The Government:

Just like banks, most branches of your federal, regional, and local governments are going to want everything in hard copy. Another real-life example is when you receive important documents like your car registration and insurance documents of any nature, but you need to keep hard physical copies in your car.


Shipping Things:

Ultimately, if you are one of those people who is constantly sending packages for whatever reason, then this becomes a no-brainer: you definitely need a computer to print those shipping lables. ‘Nuff said.

Other Considerations:

-You may want to put stuff up on your wall.

-You may want to print those airline tickets out. Tickets of any nature really are sometimes better printed out.

-Printing coupons is often still a good idea, even if they start out as digital.

-Printing out ebooks to avoid having to look at a screen all day and night.

-You may want to print information out so you have access to it without having to take your phone out if, say, you are in an area where pickpockets are known to operate.

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