Social Media Manager: A Job Guide 

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Do you love working digitally, and dream of becoming a social media manager? Social media has snowballed over the last few years, becoming increasingly popular, and many businesses and companies are opting to utilize it for advertising and marketing. In this article, we are going to talk about what it takes to become a social media manager and the required skill set that is needed to make this career option a reality. 

What is a social media manager? 

The job of a social media manager, is to assist a client or company with enhancing their online presence. This includes ensuring that they remain active on social media, and are involved in as many platforms as possible. A company can hire social media managers, but some choose to freelance and manage their own clients.  

How do you become one? 

To work as a social media manager, you usually have to have a degree related to that field, such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. You can find different degrees that offer on-campus studying, but there are also a variety of online options available, like this one at Maryville University. Online options mean that you can study from the comfort of your own home.  

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What tasks do they complete? 

In their day to day life, social media managers must ensure that content is posted regularly, including any marketing or advertising campaigns. They also are required to analyze data collected on their platforms, so they can work on improving views and finding the correct target audience. Online, they will also be required to answer customers and solve any customer service issues. 

What skills do they possess? 

To become a social media manager, you have to possess quite an extensive skill set. You have to have knowledge of computer systems and must be comfortable using social media platforms. Time management and creativity are also crucial, and you’ll also want to be confident copywriting and using leads.  

What is their average wage? 

The wage of a social media manager varies, as some managers choose to take on more clients and work from home, while others are employed by a company. In the United States, the average wage sits at around $45 111 a year.  


If you enjoy digital work, creating content, and researching, then a career as a social media manager could be the perfect job for you. Although it does require a degree, it does offer a fair wage, and you have the option to work for yourself. If you do choose to get a degree in communications, there are also many other jobs for you to consider. 

And there you have it! This was a guide to a career as a social media manager. Remember to choose a job that is perfect for you, and consider your options beforehand. If you still can’t decide on the right career, try taking an online career test today. Good luck with your future adventure.

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