Senior Year in College Is Time to Get in Gear

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The first three years of college are no cakewalk. The transition from high school to college is rough during freshman year. You probably found your groove in the second year, but sophomores and juniors often carry the most difficult course loads. By the time senior year rolls around, you are probably ready to relax a little bit. However, your final year of school is no time to take your foot off the pedal. Instead, you need to have all your graduation requirements dialed in and start looking ahead to life after college. Here are some guidelines for making it through.

Measured Approach

You don’t have to rush into anything during your senior year. Instead, try to space out key tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Set goals for each part of the school year so you can stay on track without jeopardizing your current schoolwork.

Be Social

Senior year is your last chance to make lasting memories with all the friends you’ve gained at school. Don’t forgo fun activities in order to stay home and craft the perfect resume. There will be time for that tomorrow. You should also strive to make as many connections as possible with professors and important people in your chosen field. These are the friends who can help you land a grownup job after you graduate.

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Look for Internships

Finding an internship in your desired industry is not a guarantee you’ll have a job waiting for you after college, but it certainly can help. Internships allow you to gain important skills you will need in any real-world position, such as meeting deadlines and demonstrating professional working habits. Winter term is a good time to apply for intern positions. Don’t forget to ask your professors if they know of any work opportunities. Now is also a good time to further research the steps you will need to take to land your dream job.

Give Yourself a Break

Finally, remember that it is OK to feel a little lost as college draws to a close. You aren’t required to have a firm grasp on who you are and what you want to do with every second of your adult life just because you now have a degree. It will take years to hone your personality, and that is normal. However, you must still keep your eye on the prize. Keep moving forward with your after-college plan, and you can discover who you are along the way.

Preparing for life after college doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be a fun time filled with new adventures and a burgeoning sense of self. Stick with your plan and let life unfold in front of you. You will be ready for it.

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