The pros and cons of getting a graduate job

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Once you’ve finished university, it’s likely that you’ll start looking for a graduate job in your chosen field. Graduate jobs have become a popular option over the past few years, but they’re not without their pros and cons. So, before you spend a considerable amount of time filling out the required application forms for each company, weigh up the potential advantages and disadvantages to decide whether a graduate role will suit you.


  1. Potential job security

If you’re looking to go into sectors such as IT, retail and finance, the structure of a graduate scheme will certainly suit.  Most graduate jobs will have a fixed schedule meaning you’ll have an element of job security for a certain time. Plus, the fact that it is major corporations who are offering such positions; it’s less likely that you’ll be laid off before your time is up.

  1. A chance to further your learning

Access to training is a huge advantage within a graduate role and, depending on the sector; this can often lead to you completing a professional qualification. A training scheme will provide you with structure, give you a better chance of settling into your role through networking and give you hands-on experience of what the job is all about.

  1. Opportunities to work abroad

If you’re working for a large company, it is highly likely that they’ll have offices overseas. This might give you the opportunity to transfer to a country abroad which will ultimately further your training, improve your language skills and knowledge of another culture and even meet like-minded people.

  1. Quick earning potential

With job security comes financial stability and this is one of the main reasons graduates choose these schemes year after year. Most graduate schemes in the UK will offer a higher wage than a similar role in a lesser known company, usually in the mid £20,000s per year but some have been known to offer as high as £30,000 depending on which sector you go into.


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  1. Highly competitive industries

There are many reputable companies that offer graduate schemes that can last anywhere from three months to three years but depending on the industry that you wish to work in it’s likely that you’ll encounter some problems. All graduate schemes are incredibly competitive which is why applying can often feel like a laboured process.  With CV-Library, you can find graduate jobs in Manchester with reputable companies and apply online easily.

  1. Inability to progress as quickly as you’d hoped

Once you undertake a graduate scheme, it is likely that you’ll be required to attend a lot of training sessions, some of which you may find treat you as if you know very little about your chosen area. If you’re on a two-year graduate scheme, for example, even if you feel as though you’re ready to take the next step, you won’t be able to progress until those two years are up. This can be frustrating for some.

  1. You may get stuck in one area/department

The term ‘pigeon-holed’ applies here. A lot of feedback from those who have completed graduate schemes criticises the fact that you can sometimes be restricted to a specific department to work on a specific task. If you’re not interested in this department, this can cause you to lose faith in the job and the company. Another thing that can cause you to become disillusioned with your role is the amount of rules, regulations and limitations that a prestigious company will probably have.

  1. You may not be guaranteed a job

Despite an initial element of job security, there is no guarantee that you will be given a job within that company once your graduate scheme is complete. This means that you should always keep your options open even during your time with the company you’re currently working for just in case you will need to find something else at a later date.

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