Play Slots While Delving into the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt

Eye Of Horus

There you are, sitting in front of a computer screen, finally have some time off but now you’re wondering what to do. Well actually right at this moment you’re reading this article, but it will be over quickly.


Maybe you like online slots, but you feel the experience has become too samey. You like the idea of the online slots, but crave something new.


We would like to present to you Eye Of Horus, a new offering from the kings of online slots over at This game is packed with new features (and classic features implemented in new ways) which will be sure to surprise, dazzle and amaze you. This is the game for slot lovers who are tired of slots yet still like the idea of slots. This game has been designed with people exactly like you in mind.


One nice feature of this game is its bonus symbols, the main one being Horus himself, who appears and functions as a wild symbol, able to function in the place of any other symbol except the temple symbol itself, which is the “scatter” symbol.


This game, because it’s brand new, represents the absolute top of the line graphics and sound, and absolutely optimum playability which will keep you coming back for more. Well that, and the increasing chance of winning big!


For an added dimension, you can enter into Eye Of Horus Gamble Mode, where you play head to head with another player, increasing your risk but also having the opportunity to greatly multiply your winnings!


And the best part of all this for you people who are regulars at stargames already is that this game, as well as all their new offerings,  are of course included in the Loyalty and Bonus program for which they are well-known.

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