Online Gambling Jobs: Working for William Hill

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The online gambling world is one that is relatively new yet is going from strength to strength.  It offers a diversity that working in a high street shop cannot manage and means there are opportunities to experience a very varied working day.

William Hill

One of the biggest names in the industry is bookmaker William Hill.  The company was founded in 1934 and today has UK headquarters in London and also in Leeds.  The company has been a major presence on the high street since 1966 while its website is one of the largest of its kind in the world, seeing 3 million hits each day.

It current employs some 17,000 employees around the world through its high street shops as well as online presence and other areas including marketing, finance and human resources.  In terms of working for the company in general, William Hill spends a lot of time and resources on their staff and have a fast-paced and interesting work environment that will suit many people.  Their aim is to provide staff with the ‘tools to be your best self’ and this includes on-job training.


Pros and cons

If you are seeking an online career or want to work in an ever changing environment for new online gambling games, then William Hill is certainly worth considering.  William Hill Irish lotto online is one example of a niche area that the company has invested in and is now a popular choice for alterative lottery games along with their sports and casino online betting.

The benefits of working for the company are also worth consideration, in terms of personal development and financial gains.  The fast paced working environment means employees can push themselves and also learn new skills, perhaps even move into new areas.  The company offers a share save scheme to help employees save for the future and even make some extra money.

The biggest downside of working for the company is actually a plus side for many people – you won’t have time to be bored in your daily life.  There is always something going on with online gambling and games that means there is never a slow day.  While this might not suit some people, the majority of those considering this kind of workplace will thrive on the approach.

Applying for a job

William Hill offer an online application process with interviews following around two weeks later.  There is an online assessment to complete with eligibility questions and then often a phone call to advise if you have progressed.  Face to face interviews normally take under one hour and candidates are notified quickly if they have been offered a position.

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