Numerology and Personal Development

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In numerology, your personal year is determined by your cycles and birth date through the 9-year period. Work of a cycle commences in 1 Personal Year and ends at 9 Personal years. Whichever day of the year your birthday is, personal years start from January 1-December 31.

Numerology also believes in deeper meanings for seeing a given number over and over again.

Remember all numbers have a meaning and if you keep seeing the same numbers during day-to-day life, this could be a sign.

How Do You Determine Your Personal Year?

Simple. For instance, to find your 2018’s personal year, add the following:

Birthday month+ Birthdate+ 2018

If say your birthday is February 7th, your personal year will be

Month (2) + Day (7) +2018=Personal Year

2+7+2+0+1+8=20= (2+0) =2 (2+0) =2 Personal Year

Different Personal Years Forecast

Personal Year 1

This is the 1st year of a New 9-year cycle. 1 represents a primal force that is also spiritual. It is the root of all numbers. Ones are usually doers, energetic and aggressive in nature. 1 is mainly associated with father-figures.

You are result-driven and you do not allow anything or anyone to stop you. As a one, you are naturally a leader who is not only passionate and protective but also dedicated to achieving your goals.

What’s more, as a one, you are open to new and promising ideas despite any dangers that lie in the path of success.

Ones also have another side to them. They are quite individualistic and this can lead to them being lonely. They also demand respect from those around them.

Trust is an issue for you. You believe that you have to do almost everything for yourself for it to be done right.

You cannot be easily duped as you are a good judge of character. You are also pragmatic.

By tapping into your inborn instinct to protect those around you through understanding and compassion, you earn the loyalty of those who you extend these same qualities to you.

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Personal Year 2

This number is associated with a mother figure. Twos are artistic, diplomatic, gentle and understanding.

If you are a 2, peace is your middle name and you diffuse volatile situations instead of engaging in a tug of war.

You are a strong survivor and you can weather the storms of life. 2 takes the shape of a person on bended knees with a bowed head representing servitude and flexibility to circumstances and situations in life.

Rather than use force to achieve what you want, you use the power of coercion and gentle force.

You easily get jealous and you are equally possessive. You do not take kindly to being mistreated or betrayed.

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