Micro-Workouts for Personal and Career Health

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Fitting in tiny exercises throughout the day is a great way to boost your energy and your career. This is especially true for cubicle dwellers, who are notorious for their sedentary lifestyle. By taking small workout breaks during or after your daily vape break, you can burn calories and stay in shape.

Some tiny exercises you can do to include walking around the block, walking in place, and standing leg raises. Walking around the block is self-evidently easy and the first step in adding micro-exercise to your work day. The next step is walking in place, which sounds a bit mad but is an easy alternative for people who have to stand in place. You can walk in place or do standing leg raises between puffs of your electronic cigarette as well.

By exercising throughout the day, you increase blood flow to your brain and help to get rid of the tedium of spreadsheets, computer programming, and other tasks done within the cube. You also become more efficient and effective at doing these things. Many scientific studies have shown that exercise not only boosts physical energy, but also mental energy. This is because as your gym teacher may have told you in school, the mind and body are connected. The brain is an organ, just like the heart, and both are strengthened by daily exercise.

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The reason I often mention electronic cigarettes as an adjunct to fitness is because a large amount of office based employees smoke. Smoking is an anti-aerobic activity, unlike fitness. However, studies show that vaping is safer than smoking. Vaping doesn’t generate any tar, and many vape juices don’t even contain nicotine, which is the active ingredient in cigarettes. Most importantly, it gives you an excuse to take a quick break from work. If you are a smoker, try vaping instead of smoking. If you’re not a regular smoker, vaping without nicotine is also an option instead of eating candy. Many of today’s vape liquids contain sweet, candy-like flavors that have no calories at all.

So instead of relying only on your gym to help you boost your energy levels, try doing these tiny exercises the next time you’re at work. Whether it’s walking around the block, taking the stairs, or just walking in place, you’re going to boost your effectiveness in terms of your career, as well as gaining energy to do many things in life. Exercise may be one of the biggest boosts to your career so far, so why not try adding these micro workouts to your work day.

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