Making Sure Your Business is Covered is the Foundation to Good Growth

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Think business insurance is a luxury only large businesses can afford? Think again! All businesses, regardless of which industry they work in and how large they are, need some form of insurance to protect both themselves and their customers/clients. Without it, you’re putting your business at risk; the business you have worked so hard to build up. Not only that, but having the right insurance can actually help your company to grow. So what types of cover should you have?


Public liability insurance

The majority of businesses require public liability insurance. If customers or clients suffer a loss or injury as a result of your business practices, they could sue your company for compensation. Public liability insurance covers you against these types of claims, as well as giving the customer reassurance that they are protected. An uninsured company does not give reassurance and it could cost you a lot of potential business.

Specialist insurance

As well as general insurance, there are also a few specific types of insurance that you may need. For example, if your business has its own drivers to deliver goods and services, van insurance would be an essential investment. Not only does this protect the business if one of your drivers has an accident on the road, but some types of cover include break downs, fire and theft.

If you run your business from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need to ensure your contents insurance is updated to reflect your business assets. Even if it’s just a work computer, would you be able to cover the cost if it were to accidentally break or get stolen?

If you don’t actually offer any products, but instead you provide services, professional liability insurance could be what you need. This protects you against legal action that could be taken due to negligence, malpractice or any errors made while providing those services.

There are quite a lot of different insurance types to choose from. There isn’t a one size fits all plan and a good insurer will be able to tailor a plan to fit your specific business needs. Overall the key thing to remember before taking out any insurance is to make sure you fully understand what it does and does not cover. The small print is essential. It’s here you’ll find any limitations of the cover and any fees you may be subject to. Compare as many different plans and insurers as you can before choosing the best one for your business.

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