Making Your Job Search Work You


Avoid generalized job sites

One of the bests tip for making your job search work for you is to avoid the general job sites. Especially if you are established in a certain field. It’s a much better to use specialized job site for your searches. This is because they have a higher percentage of roles in specific to the area that you are looking in.  For example, it’s much better to search for

Staff Nurse jobs on a nurse job website, than it would be on


Speak to people you trust

You should also talk to people that your trust about your pending career move. Speak to a trustworthy colleague or mentor and ask their advice on how to progress up the ladder. Pick three major things to work on and book in another coffee break with them for 2 weeks time. This will give you the motivation to act on those three things and get the ball rolling on your jobs search.

Ask Around

While we all tend to think that every job is advertised in the newspaper and on the web before it’s filled the reality is quite different. Remember some people can give up to 2 months notice before they leave their current position. So it’s quite possible that their managers will know that a vacancy is going to become open ahead of time. That is why it’s worth asking rounds and putting some feelers out in departments or companies that you would like to work in.

Of course, you must use caution here, being too open with too many people can seem like you are just desperate to get out of your last role. Its also quite possible that word can get back to your current employer too, which can put you in quite a tricky position.



Keep your CV up to date

Another way in which you can make you job search work for you is to regularly update your CV. I know this sounds like a big ask, and that most of us don’t even look at our CV’s until we are thinking of applying somewhere new. But bear with me.

The advantage of keeping your CV up to date is that you will always be ready to take the opportunity of applying for a job as soon as you see it. This is a good feeling and can make you take chances that you would normally dismiss as being too much work to get ready for.

Use social media


Lastly, you can use social media to your advantage when you are searching for a job. This works at all levels, and I have seen plenty of people fill a vacancy with just a quick post on Facebook.

However, for the more professional field, Linkedin is more appropriate. By using LinkedIn, you can have your CV online all the time. You can also join professional groups and get regular job updates. This allows you to see who in your network is hiring, which can take the hard work out of finding work.

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