What Kind of Lingerie Should You Buy for Your Wedding?

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There’s a lot goes into planning a wedding and picking your dress is without doubt one of the most important parts.  Getting the dress that looks right, feels right and fits in with the style you want can be a struggle and it can be easy to forget that there’s more to the wedding outfit than just your dress.  So what kind of lingerie should you buy for your wedding?  And should you have special sexy lingerie for the night?


Under the dress

Let’s start with the bridal lingerie to wear under your dress during the day and the evening, unless you are changing your outfit.  Firstly, always have your dress before you start tackling the subject of bridal lingerie because the style of your dress can play a big part in what kind will work.

For example, if you opt for a strapless dress, then you are going to want a strapless bra to wear under it.  However, you may want to look at corsets or basques to help get the right shape beneath your dress.  It may even be that if you dress has a built in corset or similar style that you may not even need a bra and simply can look for the perfect pair of pants and perhaps a sexy pair of stockings to wear with them.


While you want your bridal lingerie to be sexy, comfortable and pretty, there are also a few practical considerations to remember when shopping.  For example, if a bra is too patterned, then depending on the material of your dress, this might show through.  Look for smooth materials that will hide perfectly beneath.

Nor does your underwear need to be white, though with some dresses this is best.  Naked or flesh coloured options often work well and grey is known to hide well under white.  You could also go for a colourful option if you are getting changed out of your wedding dress on the evening.

After the reception

Your bridal lingerie should include more than just the pretty underwear to wear with your wedding dress.  Your first night as a married couple should be special, regardless of how long you have been a couple, and therefore special lingerie is important.  It can even be a chance to indulge in something a little different, perhaps a bit of fun role play when there are no kids to wander in at the wrong moment!

Sometimes shopping for that something special for your evening can be a bit strange in the normal high street shops.  Therefore, shopping online can be an excellent option with websites such as 3Wishes.com stocking everything from pretty bridal lingerie and plus size lingerie to sexy costumes.

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Don’t forget to treat yourself to some sexy lingerie for your honeymoon too.  It’s a great excuse to renew your underwear drawer contents and treat yourself to something really special.  You will look and feel great all the way through your vacation, just as you did on your wedding day and night!

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