The Job Hunt Hurdles


Changing career isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest decisions we can make. But, if you’re not happy with your current situation, it’s crucial you make a change. Not being happy in your job means you’ll find it hard to be satisfied in any aspect of life. The chances are, you’ve been happy in your career for years. So, your first instinct may be to fight the sudden feeling that what you do isn’t enough for you. In truth, though, we are changing as people all the time. A career that once fitted us perfectly can easily lose its shape. Like an old pair of jeans, it’s time to throw it out and try something new. But, going on a job hunt isn’t easy, either. That’s especially true if you haven’t done it for a while. We’re going to look at the main obstacles, and how to get past them.


The first hurdle you need to cross is that of confidence. Even if you want that career change more than anything, you may find that you keep putting off that much needed job search. It may be that you ‘never find the time’. Or, you find the confidence to search, but lose it when the job titles start scrolling in. Worst case scenario, lack of confidence can hold you back from applying for jobs that interest you. Do you find that you put off sending applications until, oops, you miss the deadline? Nobody said that applying for jobs was going to be easy. The idea of change is as petrifying as it is exciting. To get past your confidence wobbles, keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this. Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

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One thing you will come up against time and time again is not having the ‘right’ qualifications. Notice that the word right is in quote marks. A lot of the time, employers value experience and personality over qualifications. Don’t let not having exactly what’s listed in requirements put you off having a go. Send an email to the employer explaining that you are missing a grade. You don’t want them to think you didn’t read the specification. List other experience or skills that make you suitable anyway. They may still pick you. Or, you might want to research into studying again. There’s no getting around the fact that qualifications are crucial sometimes. For example, healthcare isn’t something you can jump into. In that case, do your research. What is a major in health care administration? What are the requirements for becoming a nurse? Once you know, you can consider whether these options would work.


So, you’ve found the perfect job, but it’s a few hours away? Don’t let distance put you off. If a career is worth having, it’s worth moving for. If a move isn’t possible, you could always commute. If distance is putting a damper on your excitement, it may not be the right job after all.

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