Impact of Divorce on Career

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Divorce has lasting impacts, not only on the couple going through the divorce but also on children, family, friends, co-workers and a host of others. While these effects are far-reaching and long-lasting one area of divorce that is not spoken about as often as others are the impact of divorce on jobs and careers.

The impact of divorce can range from the emotional difficulties a person may have in performing to the satisfaction of their supervisors carrying their load at work while going through the rigors that divorce brings. Below we discuss a few of the major impacts divorce can have on a career and how to mitigate those impacts.

Emotional Impact

For many married couples, having someone to discuss your day with including work is often routine. Having an extra set of hands to assist in making dinner and providing childcare are some most cherished benefits of marriage. When that mate is taken away and there is no outlet to help decompress about day to day challenges it can be tough for that not to impact things at the job. One thing that can be done to mitigate this risk is to strengthen other bonds. Conversations that used to occur naturally between spouses may now be the territory of close friends or even a divorce support group.

Monetary Impact

Money is often a huge part of a divorce, for many that comes in the form of quickly being forced to pick up the slack that a second income used to support. In other cases, it can be the need to reenter the workforce entirely. In any case it’s of the utmost importance to get help to secure assets and deal with financial provisions. Good legal support can help you with this and many other parts of divorce,

Legal Support

Emotional and monetary effects are just two of the major things that can impact a career during a divorce. Another impact is seeking legal support. For some people, this is taking time off work to research and do the legwork. It’s crucial to have the proper support that can save hours of time and keep you on the job. Even more important than keeping you on the job is to have a source of professional advice that can work on your behalf while you navigate the personal and professional landscape of divorce.


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