How To Land Your Dream Job

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Seattle Pacific University alumni and Vanderbilt grad student Elizabeth Dong works in her lab at Medical Research Building III at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.(Vanderbilt University / John Russell)

Have you dreamed of being a doctor since you were little? Are you a massive fan of music and desperate to hit the decks in front of crowds of thousands? Do you long to travel around the world as an airline pilot? If you have a career dream, which you thought was mission impossible, feel again! These helpful tips will propel you to career success.

Do your research

Do some research before you start firing off CVs and filling in application forms. Find out what kinds of qualifications you need and start planning early. For some jobs, you will need specific subjects. If you’ve changed your mind since the days of choosing exam subjects, don’t panic. You could always complete a course at college or do some part-time studying. Once you know what you need, you can start creating an outstanding application.

Get some experience

In many jobs, experience is desirable to employers. Doing some shadowing or intern work shows commitment and dedication. You will also have an excellent base to start paid work. Experience is significant in highly competitive industries. If you want to be a DJ, for example, start working at your local radio station or get a slot on college radio. Offer to play at small-scale club nights and build your portfolio. DJs must be multi-skilled and have different types of work, and varied settings will enable you to hone those mixing abilities.



Networking is particularly beneficial for PR, journalism, and acting jobs. By establishing a network of contacts, you hear about opportunities and constantly meet new people when they arise. A conversation at an event could lead to some experience or even a job offer.

Put in the hours

If you want to succeed, you should be willing to graft. Put in the hours and devote your time and effort to getting that all-important job. Keep your ear to the ground for openings and internships, and be prepared to work long days in the early stages. Learn from your experiences and never give up. Most people who have reached the top of the tree have had more than a few setbacks along the way.


Hone your interview technique

Interviews are daunting, but they have to be done. Conquer those nerves and be confident. Try and sell yourself without being arrogant and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Practice presentations and speak clearly and calmly. Smile and maintain eye contact when speaking to potential employers and relax. Ensure that you look competent and professional and show how much passion you have for the role. Don’t let a lousy interview put you off. Learn from any mistakes and take feedback on board.

If you thought landing a dream job was impossible, it’s time to be more optimistic. Work hard, build up an impressive portfolio, and watch for networking events and opportunities. Practice as much as you can and put time and effort into any application. Good luck!

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