How Investing On Bi Technology’s Mixing Tanks Can Improve Your Factory Business

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Nowadays, when you run an industrial business it is very important to keep every piece of the machinery updated. Having efficient models can speed up your production process and give you huge benefits on the long run, that is why it is so important to acquire them through trustworthy providers like Bi Technology.

Trusting the sector’s top companies

When investing in a machinery piece for your industry like a mixing tank, it is important to only invest on professional companies products. After all, a cheap quality mixing tank can affect your whole production process. A company that has been known for bringing some of the best quality tanks on the sector is Bi Technology.

Bi technology is an Italian based company with international reach. The successful business was created on the late 80’s under the name I.mec and turned into Bi Technology on 1999. Over the last years, the company has been specializing on vibrating screens, mixing tanks and iron removal systems, which have allow them to become a renown brand on the food, ceramic or pharmaceutical industries.

The best mixing tanks on the market

It is important to pick mixing tanks with the best reviews only. A poor quality mixing tank can impact your whole production process, making you lose a significant amount of income. If you are thinking about upgrading your current mixing tank or starting an industrial business that would require one, Bi technology offers some of the best mixing tanks in the market.

The Roto Mixing Tank model

When it comes to mixing tank, the ROTO MIXING TANK D.300-400 is a model we can not stop recommending. If your industrial process requires the storage of small amounts of serigraphic pastes or high viscosity and density liquids, then this model is the right one for you. This mixing tank agitates the products and keep them on permanent suspension, thanks to the use of a slow rotating blade system. This revolutionary blade system prevents air bubbles from appearing on glazing serigraphic pastes.

This model is created keeping the customer always in mind. Unlike other mixing tanks, it is a very compact model that will allow you to easily find a place for it on your production process. The ROTO MIXING TANK D.300-400 is also equipped with wheels for an easier transportation across the factory.

Another key feature of this model is that it is a low cost model. It has a very cheap price and it is equipped with low voltage motors, which make it a smart investment since with a little amount of money you can improve your production process, generating a huge income in a little time.

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The Mixing Tank Sirio model

If you are looking for a new mixing tank, the mixing tank sirio is a model you should definitely check out as well. This model was especially designed for industries where an homogeneous mixing needs to be obtained without using a propeller or bladed stirrers. It can also be used in the glazing lines of the ceramic sector or any factory that would require pumping and mixing liquids of mid-low viscosity and density.

The mixing tank sirio mixes through a pumping process, creating an homogenous final result. This model does not include a mechanical seal, which make it appropriate even for the mix of dry products. But what really makes this model stand among the others is its versatility. It has the option of adding multiple accessories to it depending of your production process requirements, such as iron removers,speed change gears or pneumatic motors. It is a very simple model which is equipped with wheels, so you can easily incorporate it to your production process.

The mixing tank sirio is one of the best models in price quality terms, so do not let the opportunity of getting one pass.

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