Hiring Takes Time: 4 Shortcuts to Finding the Right Team Members for Your Organization

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An organization is nothing without its members no matter how large or powerful that organization may believe itself to be. It is important that everyone hired is a quality add-on to the team so to speak. At the same time, it is not as though amazingly qualified people just pop up out of the ground. A hiring manager must be willing to put in some time and effort to find the right people. A few choice tricks and shortcuts can help make this process a little less burdensome and time-consuming.

Make The Job Description Very Clear

What is the person that you are hiring getting themselves into? This is the sixty-four thousand dollar question as it were. They would like to know beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what it is that they are signing up for. It is a wonderful thing to know precisely what you are looking for in a job candidate so that you may identify the right one when they come along. Ideally, the candidate will also understand what is expected of them as well. This helps to weed out those who might not be a great fit with the organization.

Think In-House

An outside hire is not necessary to fulfill every job role that you might dream up. There are certain situations in which someone who is already on the payroll can be the best fit for your organization. They already know what is expected within your organization and how different operations in that organization work. As a bonus, it generally costs less to re-train someone to do the tasks of a new job rather than to bring in a whole new individual.

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Use An Outside Recruiter

Outsider recruiters are a great shortcut to getting the right candidates. These recruiting agencies, such as CodeFights Recruiter are in business to make the life of hiring managers that much easier.

They take applications from job-seekers and sometimes conduct “get to know you” style interviews with them as well. They try to gather up as much information as possible about potential candidates as it relates to their education, experience, and interests. Any other factors that a company may want a recruiting agency to find out about for them can typically be accomplished as well. The agency then sends those candidates that they believe are qualified for certain jobs out into the workforce for the companies that have contracted with them to fulfill this vital role.

Check Backgrounds Carefully

Research shows that about eighty-five percent of people lie on their resumes. That is a staggering number of people who have handed over a document to a potential employer that they know contains false and/or misleading information about themselves. This is all before they even have a job in the first place!

What this means for employers is that they have to be extremely careful when hiring someone new. It is important to double-check things that are being put on a resume. If it appears that the individual has just stretched the truth a little bit to make themselves appear more marketable it may be forgivable. If they have bent the truth so much that it is now broken, then that is a more serious offense. Check into these kind of things before they have the potential to inflict actual damage on your company and its reputation.

There are no silver bullets to always finding the right candidate all the time. The best thing that you can do is try to figure out how to take shortcuts when possible to save yourself time and still end up with the right individual behind the desk.

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