Four Ways For Students To Save on Bus Fare In England

In this day and age, money is something we all have to be careful with, problems with finances can affect everyone to a certain extent. If you are still studying you probably are trying to juggle your studies while maintaining a part time job with a very modest income and not much pocket money.
One of the biggest costs you will most likely have will be transportation, whether it is traveling to and from school or visiting family and friends, it can add up. There are however quite a few ways in which you can significantly save on your travel costs. Here are a few tips and pointers to that can help you lower the amount you spend on transportation.
1. When Traveling in Between Cities, Use the Discount Coach Service
When traveling by coach with a bus company, the inexpensive prices offered are phenomenal. You are able to travel in between cities in the UK and even right over the Channel to variety of European cities at prices that start as low as £1.50, there are some real savings to be had here. You can find a student bus pass like the one mentioned.
2. If You Travel Into London on a Regular Basis, Get an Oyster Card
If traveling around London is something that you do on a regular basis then purchasing an Oyster Card may be a good investment. The Oyster Card is valid on the London Underground, DLR (Docklands Light Railway), Tram, London Overground, all London Buses and most of the National Rail services in London. It is simple to acquire an Oyster Card and the savings will definitely be worth it.
3. Understand the Art of Split Ticketing
The way in which tickets are priced is not easy to understand, however there is a bizarre loophole in which many times it comes out less expensive to  on each leg of your journey, book your tickets separately as opposed to booking one ticket for the entire trip. I have no idea why, just is the way it is and if you perfect the art, split ticketing can really save you and arm and a leg.
4. Purchase a Bike
If you are looking for ways to cut costs when traveling around your own city or town then the best option is to get your own bike. There are quite a few places with cycle lanes available for cyclists safety. This will not only save you a huge amount of money which would otherwise be spent on train or bus fares, it is also an excellent way to stay in shape.
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