Five Skills That Are Going To Land You A Career

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The landscape of industry and the career paths of the current generation has changed wildly from the last. In a rush to get degrees that specialize them in certain fields, a lot of our up-and-coming workers are missing something. Many are missing the skills that will actually get them started on life-long careers. That’s not to say that they won’t find their way or that their degrees aren’t helpful. But it’s important to know that you will need skills to supplement your expertise. So, we’re taking a look at some of the skills that can win you a reliable place in today’s job market.



Math is not just important for counting and doing school sums. Particularly in administrative and management roles, you’re expected to deal with a lot of figures. Math is often one of the quickest dropped subjects when moving on to higher education. The result is that people lack a basic skill that can very well make them more competent in their job. However, there are plenty of ways to supplement your maths knowledge by getting used to sums and mathematical logic.

Trade skill

Some opt out of the academic field altogether and focus instead on learning a trade skill. This is a way to fast track a career that is more and more overlooked in the growing generations. Most options, like plumbing and electronics, can lead to opportunities in earning as a business owner. Meanwhile, large manufacturers employ most of those with experience from scientific molding classes. There remains a potential crisis is we see the current deficit of skilled labourers, so demand is only set to increase in future.


Data analysis is a growing part of business in just about all industries. Primarily, it’s about developing problem solving skills. Business analysts look at data collected by businesses to spot and solve issues leading to better business decisions. Over the past few years, demand for analysts has sky-rocketed and built an industry of its own. Data analysis is not a skill that needs specialised education so much as it requires practice and understanding.

IT skills


More and more, business is moving onto the digital space. Not only are there more jobs opening up for IT consultants of all specializations. Computer literacy continues to rise in importance on the demands of most employers. The demand for IT skills is only set to be more of a priority, in future. Computer literacy skills are available through all sorts of courses, online and offline. It’s best to work towards this skill that might drastically impede your changes if it’s missing from your resume.

Verbal communication

One of the most underrated and misunderstood skills from an employee’s point of view. Yet employers value it more than ever. Few people would say that they lack verbal communication skills. Yet when it comes to a business environment, they get tongue-tied or communicate poorly. The truth is that an entirely different environment needs an entirely different kind of speech. Honing your verbal communications skills also tends to make you more confident and a better interviewee.

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