How to Find the Right Career


Choosing the right career involves more than simply figuring out what you’re good at or following your passions. To make sure that the career you’re considering is a likely to be a good fit for you and offer you a rewarding way of life, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

What Do You Want From Your Career?

Be honest with yourself here. Do you want a career that allows you to pay your bills with the least hassle possible, or do you want a career that challenges you, that demands that you stretch yourself to your limits, but promises amazing opportunities and rewards in the process?

It’s better to have this figured out as early as possible so that you don’t waste time in a career that doesn’t offer you the progression that you crave, or one that puts such heavy demands on you that you become frustrated and resentful.

Does Your Career Match Your Personality?


Employers often put applicants through a personality test, which is great for the employer because it gives them a clear picture of whether you’re likely to be a good fit for their both their organization and the role that you’re applying for. It’s not so great for you though, because you don’t get to see the results of the test and gain any insights into your own personality.

So, it’s a good idea to take your own personality test like the one offered by CareerCode. You’ll learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and discover which types of roles would bring out the best in you and leave you the most fulfilled.

Will Following Your Career Path Leave Your Ethics Intact?

Is social responsibility important to you? Are you an ardent environmentalist or animal rights advocate? Do you put people before profit? If you do, then you should factor this into your career choice. You will experience greater personal satisfaction if you work in sectors that support your ethics and allow you to focus on endeavors that support the greater good, rather than chasing a career that might require you to sacrifice your ideals in the drive to maximize corporate profits.

Is Your Dream Career Future Proof?

The next few decades will be a time of enormous transformation. Artificial Intelligence is expected to make many of the well-paid roles in today’s economy obsolete. According to a study conducted by Oxford University, over 700 occupations are at risk of automation in the coming years. If you’re thinking of becoming a paralegal, a financial advisor, a loan officer or a laboratory technician for example, then you might want to think again, especially if you will need to invest in costly education to qualify for that career.

Deciding on your future career can be a daunting task, but if you take the time to learn about your personality and really think through your wants and your needs, then you’ll be able to more easily identify careers which could be a good match for you.

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