Financial Education: Do You Need It?

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How financially literate are you? Recent statistics suggest that approximately 63% of the American population is deficient in some way in their knowledge of financial matters.

You may think that this is a simple matter, but there are layers of complexity to it that you may not have thought about. Another possibility is that you may have learned about this years ago, and things have changed significantly since then, and you may not even be aware of these new changes. This is a danger even in the under-30 crowd, as things tend to change so rapidly.

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There Is Help Available:

The good news is that there is not only help for you, there is free help. The US government has gotten together with leading experts in the industry to put together various free programs and courses designed to improve financial literacy in the population.

Before you turn around and say to yourself that you don’t need these courses, think twice about it, and think deeply. Remember that many of us think we are on top of these issues but we really are lacking in certain areas. Also keep in mind that even if the course is 90% things you already know, there could be some gems in that additional 10% to be learned that could really turn your life around in a positive way.

Why Financial Literacy:

Financial literacy philosophically is a solution that makes a lot of sense. The bottom line is, it’s not a good idea to trust in the big institutions 100%. Financial literacy builds strength and power from the ground up, as it should be, and puts this strength and power back in the hands of the individual consumer, to the greater good, the good of society as a whole.

Instead of living in an alternative of increasingly strangling and burdensome regulations, which also tend to negatively affect individuals outside of the financial industry, we feel that a much better alternative is to educate people so that they can go out and defend themselves in their own financial market, thus achieving equilibrium without the need for unnecessary interventions when then need to be enforced, making everything that much less efficient, and negatively impacting the economy as a whole.

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If You’re On The Other Side:

If you’re in the banking industry and concerned about ethical and justice related issues in your field, we’ve found a niche for you as well! Feel free to stop by here and fill out the form to find out more about tools and concepts for ethical banking.

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