Employing Staff for your Start-up Business

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If you’re in the process of establishing your very first business, there’s a good chance you’ve thought of everything; from finance and marketing, to daily operations and future developments, we’ve no doubt you’ve approached every aspect of your business with precision.

However, one thing you may not have thought about is your transition from entrepreneur to employer; that is, your quest to staff your business with capable, dedicated team members who understand and support your vision for your start-up. While recruitment is a daunting step, it’s one that all business owners must make if they hope to expand their venture. Once your start-up begins to exceed your expectations, you’ll need a few extra pairs of hands to ensure the success and reputation of your business.

So, how do you go about ensuring you find the right people for the job, while adhering to all of the red tape and legal jargon that surround the issue of employment?

Take your time to learn the law

Before you can begin your search for new employees, it’s essential you familiarise yourself with the law — to do otherwise would set your business up for a fall before you’ve really begun. According to the government guidelines, there are seven things you should do before employing staff, including conducting the relevant checks, obtaining employment and liability insurance, deciding how much to pay team members, and registering yourself as an employer with HMRC. You will also need to establish a payroll system and ensure you’re maintaining an accurate record of your finances.

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Employ as soon as you’re able to

Don’t wait until you’re struggling to maintain your start-up’s daily operations by yourself; look to surround yourself with capable team members at the earliest convenience – as long as you have the budget for the extra pair of hands, that is. Employees shouldn’t be viewed as a necessity when the going gets rough, but as valuable assets that can provide your business with the get up and go it needs to, well, get up and go. Don’t put off tomorrow what you could do today, especially if that would compromise your start-up’s progress.

Be clear on the people you need for the job

Once you’ve considered your legal obligations, it’s time to think about the kinds of people you need for the job at hand; what kind of person is going to be the right fit for your company, and what will you need them to do? Craft a job description that details your expectations, the role and its responsibilities, and the kinds of skills you’d expect to see – alongside details of pay, hours, and perks. The recruiting and hiring processes will become infinitely easier if you’re aware of what you’re looking for before the interviewees arrive.

Consider contractors

There are numerous reasons why small businesses and start-up companies prefer to hire contractors, least of all the effort and cost associated with the recruitment process. Since contractors are self-employed, they handle their own insurances, taxes, and responsibilities — ideal if you need a reliable pair of hands in a hurry. Go one step further and ensure you’ve got the backing of an umbrella company before you establish contractor connections. Such an organisation will protect the interests of both parties and ensure you’re fully compliant in all legal matters. Umbrella companies are particularly capable of offering help with IR35, and other Inland Revenue requirements. With a contractor, you’ll have quick, convenient, and flexible access to a wealth of knowledge and skills; just be certain you’ve covered the legalities first.

While these tips are by no means exhaustive, they should offer inspiration for your very first forays into the world of recruitment. Remember; recruiting staff for your start-up isn’t just about the people who’ll be manning your business, but about your obligations as an employer. Have you fully assessed your capabilities as an employer? Have you brushed up on employee rights and the legalities of hiring staff members? Then, and only then, will you be ready to populate your start-up with ready and able bodies. A business is only as good as the team behind it, after all.

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