Employee Referral Schemes: How They Can Work For You

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At first glance an employee referral scheme may seem like just a smart, cost cutting choice. Removing the hassle of wrangling with recruitment agencies and dealing directly with potential candidates gives you control and freedom to find the right match. But it’s not just about saving time and money; an employee referral scheme can offer you so much more than that.

Buying into your company culture

Companies should cultivate a working culture where ideas are nurtured, colleagues are valued, and goals achieved. The reason why employee referral schemes works so well is because It shows that you as an employer value the personal recommendations made by your staff. It’s a fantastic endorsement of your company that your staff love working within your company so much that they want to tell their friends and connections about an open vacancy. Consider extending your referral scheme so that any individual, not just a company employee can become a referee for your company.

Make it worth their time

It’s great that your staff love where they work so much that they want to share, but what’s in it for them? If you offer an incentive staff feel rewarded for their efforts. As far as what to offer as a reward; there’s several ways to go. Some company’s rewards include a day’s holiday, staff nights out, vouchers or a duvet day. Other companies offer a bounty, with a different value based on how difficult the position is to recruit. The beauty of the employee referral scheme is that people who work in a certain field often know former colleagues or connections who would be perfect for specific vacancies.

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Spread the word

To make your employee referral scheme successful you’ll need to tell your staff about it. Create a referral scheme that is easy to use and make sure you signpost it in newsletters or emails, put up posters and mention it at relevant meetings. Most organisations do this by setting up a staff intranet and when a new vacancy is posted, staff are directed to referral page and encouraged to recommend those they know that would suit the position. The referral scheme should also be promoted at staff inductions and training.

Marc Lightfoot, tombola’s HR Recruitment Executive said “tombola talent is about tapping into a culture of engagement, which tombola has anyway. tombola is a great place to work, and it’s the culture that shines through.

“Our staff are using tombola talent to refer candidates from their network, which is fantastic for us – it promotes us an employer and helps build a team of well suited, talented staff. tombola talent is also open to everyone, you don’t have to be an employee to use our referral scheme.”

Make it easy

Try to make your referral scheme is automated, this makes referrals quick and easy, as well as traceable. Be sure to keep the referrers in the loop too and allow them to keep up to date with their referee’s application by providing feedback. This is more likely to create an open rapport with your staff and their network.

Employee referral schemes cost you very little apart from the rewards you offer your staff in return for a successful appointment. It’s not a complete solution, but put together with the services offered by recruitment agencies they can bring a whole wealth of talent to your door.

Written by Emma Luke, Marketing Assistant at tombola bingo.

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