How Email Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business

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When you own and run a business, there’s the temptation to do everything yourself.  And while your involvement is crucial to your business success (and your sanity) there are lots of situations where you can create an automated process that then works away in the background.  A perfect example of this is the use of email marketing automation and SendPulse has a system that is ideal for the task.

How automation works

Email automation can be set up to work just how your business needs it to but one of the key examples is seen in SendPulse Automation 360 product, designed to help deal with the problem of cart abandonment and the aftersales process.

In this system, messages are automated and triggered by the customer’s actions.  For example, if the customer places something in the cart but then leaves the website without completing the purchase, SendPulse will create an email that reminds them they have not yet completed the purchase.

Other examples of automation you can create include sending a thank you email after the customer makes a purchase. This can ask for feedback or offer a return customer discount to build up that brand loyalty.  You can also welcome a customer after registering with your website via their email address.  This gives you a chance to tell them a little about your company and start relationship building.

You can also create custom evens that will trigger on any particular event and then send the message that you require.  This means you can have automation that exactly matches your other brand communications and approach.

Benefits of email marketing automation

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Email marketing has many advantages and when you add the ease of automation, these advantages increase.  In fact, businesses have reported an average of 14.5% boost to sales productivity by using automation and a reduction in marketing overheads by 12.2% because the system doesn’t require constant supervision or activity.

By using automation businesses can ensure that every customer receives the same treatment regardless of the time they interact with the business.  So while you might be there to send that welcome email at 1pm, there’s little chance anyone would be around to send the email at 1am.  Automation handles this for you, meaning no-one needs to be there at any time to ensure the right emails are sent.

Another advantage is the ability to test and optimize the emails to see what works best and what get the best reactions from customers.  A/B or multi-variant testing is a huge part of modern marketing and using automation makes this easy to do.  You can easily track results to see what works best and makes adjustments as you want.

Easy automation

By using the tools within SendPulse to automate your email marketing, your business can ensure every customer receives the same communications and the same experience.  It ensures that time and resources aren’t used manually sending emails and that you can easily add email sequences for special events, sales or promotions to reach the most people possible at the best time.

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