Eight of the Coolest Jobs in the Golf Industry

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The R&A, a worldwide governing body for golf reports that in the UK, the golfing industry employs 74,480 people, that’s 1 in every 500 jobs in the country! Perhaps unsurprisingly, jobs in golf clubs account for the majority (33%) of those roles, but what about the others?

If you love the sport and want to make a career out of it then there are some really cool jobs in the golfing industry, here are just eight of them:

1. PGA Caddy

Working as a caddy means much more than simply lugging bags and kit around for players. The role requires exceptional knowledge of the game and the course, and skilled caddies who can accurately judge distances and make sound recommendations for strategic plays are highly sought after.

Becoming a caddy for a major player is part skill, part luck, but play your cards right and it’s possible to earn over £400k in just one season.

2. Golf Course Designer/Architect

Creating a new golf course has to be one of the most exciting roles in the industry but transforming a piece of land into an inviting yet challenging course is a complex process that requires a varied skillset.

According to the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA), who offer the only accredited, golf course design programme, the role requires creativity, knowledge of the game, design skills and a wider understanding of ecology, agronomy and construction technology.

3. PGA Pro

Becoming a PGA pro is perhaps one of the most aspirational, high status roles for fans of the sport but it takes a combination of skill, experience and insight to gain membership.

The road to success begins with an assistant role on a ‘Foundation Degree in Professional Golf’ or a ‘Diploma in Higher Education in Professional Golf’ in partnership with PGA.

4. Marketing & Advertising


Like any sport, the popularity of golf lies, in part, with the industry’s efforts to promote it, and if you go into a marketing role, you could help to shape the future of the sport by being involved with advertising campaigns like the new, #thisgirlgolfs ad, which aims to attract more women to the game.

5. Clubmaker

Golf clubs may at first glance appear very similar, but the accuracy and quality of each shot can be determined by the specific weight, flex, loft and lie of a club that matches the size and style of the player; the ability to custom-make or repair them is something of an art.

Designer Golf offer short courses designed to give you an introduction to the craft and a career in clubmaking.

6. Golf Journalist

Golf writers get to visit the best courses around the world, watch the best players and interview them for all kinds of industry magazines and national news outlets, and the good news is that you don’t need any qualifications to start this career, just a passion for the sport and a way with words.

7. Greenkeeper

If you love the great outdoors, have some horticultural skills and an eye for detail then the important role of course greenkeeper may be ideal for you.

Often the unsung heroes of the industry, greenkeepers maintain the quality and standards of more than 100 acres of land to give golfers the very best setting to play in and clubs the opportunity to develop a reputation for excellence that attracts new members.

8. Coach


A golf coach has possibly one of the most rewarding roles in the industry, particularly those involved with grassroots programmes that introduce young players to the sport and there are a few routes into a coaching career.

You could begin as a volunteer, complete workshop training with an organisation like Sports Coach UK or complete a qualification through the PGA.

Whatever golf career you choose or course you sign up for, you can find all the apparel you need to practice and perfect your game, online at Function 18.

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