How To Earn Extra Money By Being A Part-Time Courier 

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 Despite the 21st century being one of great technological advancement and societal growth, it is also one of growing expenses and an economic slump.  Try desperately to make ends meet, young adults find themselves without savings accounts and unable to prepare for retirement.  How can you overcome this?  Finding another job is difficult because of the numerous applicants; however, this does not mean there are not jobs to be had.  Companies like are good to look into as one example.  In fact, freelancing is one of the most effective ways of earning some money without having to answer to a boss.
This article will provide information on how to become a part-time courier and earn extra money for your retirement fund.
What Do I Need To Begin My Part-Time Courier Career?
1. A Van
The first and most important item required to begin a freelance part-time courier career is a reliable mode of transportation.  As a part-time courier you may have a minimal amount of clients or projects; therefore, a small van may be the better option.  Furthermore, the costs of a smaller van are quite low and it will allow you to gain experience of driving this type of vehicle.  Once you are more confident and have more clients, it may be worth considering a larger van.  Of course, this is based on your comfort level and capital as transportation costs can be high as a courier.
Another factor to consider when purchasing the correct van is the fuel prices.  As is mentioned, costs can be higher with larger vans; however, small vans can also present with high costs if the engine is not fuel-efficient.  It is seen that petrol engines are far less fuel-efficient than diesel engines and, as you will be traveling long distances, reviewing fuel costs would be beneficial.  You should check mileage on second-hand vehicles to ensure that the van still has “a lot of life in her”.
2. Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance is vital when purchasing a van for this business.  While it is possible to obtain basic car insurance, it is not recommended.  This is due to the fact that you will be using the vehicle continuously for business purposes and there is a higher risk of damage.  Be sure to cover yourself and avoid any additional expenses.
3. Computer And Telephone
Despite many people now working online and communicating via email, it is beneficial to have a telephone available.  In order to communicate with clients and complete orders, the final items you will need are mobile telephones and a computer with an internet connection.  It is possible to install a business line; however, this can increase expenditure and is sometimes unnecessary.  Using a mobile phone and home internet connection means you are able to operate from your residence and on the road.
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