How to Compete Globally: The Three Must-Follow Strategies for SMEs


If you are one of the many UK small business owners who has managed to fully establish themselves as a successful SME, then you can be rest assured you have a solid business model. With this in mind though, now is the time to step it up a gear and aim for bigger and better things.

By this, we of course are referring to you becoming a thriving international business and taking your product or service offering onto a global scale. In order to do this though, there are a few things and strategies you need to implement. In this post you can find three such strategies you can start to use now and get your company working around the world.

1 – Do your Research

Like with any business venture the first thing you need to do is have a solid understanding of what it is you’re about to undertake. Look to the foreign markets for any gaps in certain nations that you could plug with your particular product or service. Equally, look for which countries actually have a demand for what you provide; this may sound obvious but you need to tap into something that’s worthwhile.


2 – Invest in Establishing your Presence Overseas

With the right nations in mind, you then need to start establishing a presence. This will take time but you should attend trade fairs and conferences, or send out emails or messages to companies you know operate in these places to learn more about what it is they do. Once you’ve had some responses you could also setup websites with respective URLs and content for the different targeted countries.

3 – Offer International Delivery Capabilities

Another big thing to work on is your deliveries. The simple truth is that if you can’t get your goods or services abroad, there won’t be any demand for them. As such you need to look for an international logistics company like InXpress courier services for example, who you can rely on to manage this for you. Alternatively, you need to work with a supplier who will be prepared to carry out their role abroad.

You don’t necessarily have to adopt all three of these at once, you may wish to start using one to start with to test the international waters – so to speak. However, you approach these strategies though, make sure you act now to get ahead of the competition, as there’s sure to be plenty of other SMEs looking to do the same.

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