How To Code Your Way To A Higher Salary

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In this modern digital age, you have probably been told “You should learn to code”. But why would learning HTML, JavaScript or CSS be useful to you?

The answer boils down to money. Every company requires some kind of tech, and there are certain skills that will make you automatically worth more money than your peers without those skills.

You don’t even have to be a fully-fledged programmer or developer. There are many ways how learning to code can bring you a higher paycheck.

So instead of waiting years and years to move up your career ladder, learning some, or all of these skills, will make you a valuable addition to any company, whether you seeking a raise or want to embark on an entirely new career path.

Basic code

Using HTML and CSS are fantastic skills that can be utilized in various different job. It is also the first port of call to learn if you want to be a designer and developer. Knowing basic code can also be a handy tool to have up your sleeve if you are also looking for a job in content marketing, customer support and other tech related industries.

Basic HTML and CSS isn’t difficult to learn and there are hundreds of basic tutorials online.


Advanced coding

The basics of code are a great tool to have in any job. But to really boost your pay packet, the money lies in tech and developer jobs, and for those jobs you will need a more advanced knowledge of coding.

Whilst coding language is ever changing due to what platforms and content management systems (CMSs) are most popular, the skills and logic you will learn from one programming language can be applied to others.

A few of these languages to search include JavaScript, PHP and WordPress, which is the most popular CMS.

Full-Stack Development

As a full-stack developer, you can work on websites, web apps, mobile apps, and more. It basically means you understand everything that goes into creating these products from the beginning to the end.

It goes without saying that knowing how to create an app or website from scratch will make you invaluable and knowing these processes will boost your earning power.

Looking to the future

There are hundreds of industries that rely on employees who can understand and create code, even some that you might not have considered before. There’s even scope to move up into management positions such as Head of IT or even Head of Digital Enterprise. There’s more information on these kind of roles over at These are the roles that can really benefit from a strong knowledge of code, and it is common for developers to progress into these roles, which can provide a significant salary increase.

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