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In the many possible jobs available through the world of IT, one of the ones that looks set to become a guaranteed position for the long term is the web designer.  Virtually every business, personality and brand require a website and this isn’t something that most people can do without the right training and expertise.  So if you are considering retraining to take a new job, this is definitely one to consider.

Essential skills

So what does it take to become a web designer?  The first thing is that you can actually design the website and build it on the internet so this means having a great working knowledge of the latest changes to the world of computers.  While people often think you need to be a graphic designer to make websites, this isn’t totally true.  While flare is a good thing to help with the creative side of the design, good knowledge of coding and the newest tech is far more important.


An eye for detail is important for this kind of job.  You need to understand what works on a website and how to incorporate all the many elements that a company may need.  For some, it is simply showcasing a single product or service but for others it can be hundreds of different elements.

Being a business

Whether you go freelance or as a salaried employee to a single company, you need to have a business approach to your new career.  You need to be able to sell yourself without overselling, need to gain experience and be able to showcase this without seeming to blow your achievements out of proportion.  You also need to know what a business will want from you and have ideas to show how you will answer these needs.

An accurate and regularly updated portfolio based on the right training and expertise is the other crucial step you need to launch yourself as a web designer.  It’s okay saying you can design a website but most people need to see what you can do before they will employ you.  Your portfolio will do this and making a website of it is a good way to emphasize the point that it makes.

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