Careers in the Twenty-First Century

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Finding a good career in today’s day and age can be challenging, to say the least. The days of getting a job with a good salary and benefits and working at it until retirement age appear to be gone, perhaps forever.

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Not only are people having to change careers more and more often throughout their lives, certain careers are also all but disappearing. But let’s talk today about careers that are either at the very least still holding their own, or maybe even experiencing growth, in some cases explosive growth.

A surprising trend in recent years is for demand to shrink in the medical and legal professions. Often, eager students graduating from law and medical schools are finding that there’s not enough work for them in what may even be the first time ever! But this is not the whole story. Doctors and lawyers will always be needed by society; the thing is that the need for generalists is shrinking (due to technology taking their place) but the need for specialists is in many cases rising. Also, dentists are getting more work than ever in today’s world, as are specialty lawyers like those at

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For those of you who don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, being a plumber or an electrician has never been so lucrative as now. These are two professions that are chronically short of qualified people. Also, the construction industry is still officially booming, and will likely continue to be booming both in the US and abroad for many years to come. There are many branches to the construction industry, but for example, become an expert in properly laying flooring and you will never lack for work, and on top of that you will be able to charge good money for what you do.

For those of you who would prefer something less physical, accounting is a great field to get into still. It’s very hard to imagine a world where technology can replace a good and competent accountant, and if that day exists where it could happen, it’s very far off from now still.

The information technology (IT) industry , of course, ia still the fastest growing industy on Earth. There are tons of jobs in this industry, requiring a huge range of skills. Also worth looking at is the video game industry, which has now surpassed the movie and music industries respectively, and requires a whole range of creative people and other positions to be filled on a regular basis.

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