Careers to Consider with a Textile Design Degree

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If you take a look at the surroundings around you, you are bound to find the presence of different fabrics and textiles. It could be the upholstery of the sofa, the fabric of the curtains, the clothes you are wearing or the wallpaper. It is impossible to miss the presence of fabrics and textiles in our daily lives.

If you have never given a thought to the source of the fabrics around you, you might be surprised to learn that they are the culmination of the hard work of textile producers and designers. If you have a penchant for colours, bright patterns and matching patterns, you should consider a career in textile design.

The term ‘textile designer’ is actually a broad umbrella for numerous exciting positions that can provide you with a handsome salary and a good chance to express your creativity. 

Pursuing a textile design degree can provide you with a great launch into this industry and you’ll become an attractive asset to employers. If you are curious about the career possibilities that come with a qualification in this area, this blog has you covered. Read on to learn what the job duties of a textile designer are all about the exciting positions in this area.

What do textile designers do?

Textile design is a very creative field that entails creating different fabrics and patterns by combining yarns of different materials. As a textile designer, you will incorporate your designs of the finished textile while keeping in mind the appearance of different dyes, fibres and finishes.

Textile designers can use either pen, paper or software programmes such as Artlandia or Adobe to create their designs. They also keep up with the changing trends in the industry to create beautiful fabric products.

What can you do with a textile design qualification?

As a professional in this field, you can look forward to a wide range of career roles that will suit your creative interests. Here are some roles that may capture your attention:

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Luxury textile designers

As more and more people can afford opulence and luxury, the textile design industry has also stepped up its game to cater for the rich. From jewel-encrusted fabrics, wallpapers made of golden films, to luxurious mink scarves, luxury textile designers work with various rare yarns and fabrics to create soft, beautiful and classy cloth to upgrade the outfits and homes of the rich. 

Movie costume designers

The fabrics that you see on-screen in movies and TV shows are the end result of a costume designer’s work. Costume designers are responsible for decorations in movie shoots, on TV and theatre rehearsals. From deciding which cloth will complement the background, to fixing period-appropriate fabrics for the actors’ clothes, you have to do it all, in this exciting role.

Wallpaper designers

This role is a recent diversification of the textile industry with many people opting for fabric-based wallpapers for their home décor. As a wallpaper designer, you need to have a strong sense of aesthetics to provide suggestions on the colour of the fabric and the theme patterns.

Carpet designers

With carpets and rugs being the first armour of a modern interior decorator, there is an increase in the demand for different kinds of plush carpets and rugs that fit the aesthetics of a home. As a result, there is an increase in the demand for talented carpet designers.

Apart from these roles, you can also work as a children’s clothing designer, fabric print designer or a knitwear designer.

Pursuing a degree in textile design can open many viable career opportunities for you. You can either study a HNC fashion textile course or a bachelor’s in design or fabric engineering. 

Select an appropriate course that fits your budget and your interests so that you can become successful in this field.

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