How You Can Develop Your Career Through Smart Business Decisions

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When we speak about career progression, we don’t often think about where our business is located or link this to any aspect of growth. But what we don’t realise is that in order to grow a successful business, and to develop our staff (and not forgetting ourselves), we need to make smart choices. In this article we’ve outlined 3 of the smartest business decisions you should be making in order to grow and succeed as a business.

  1. Follow your business plan

An obvious thing to suggest, but often one that many entrepreneurs forget to do. You put a lot of time and effort into perfecting your plan, so why throw that to the back of your mind now you’re up and running? Did you outline that within the first two years you wanted to grow and expand? Have you put that to the back of your mind now you’re actually on the get go? It’s key to remember that in order for you to do well as an individual, you need to have faith. Expanding doesn’t have to be scary, there’s even options to trial an expansion through pop-up buildings. Maybe you could do that during a product launch, or if you’ve got something exciting coming up to get a social buzz.

  1. Develop your team


You don’t have to own your own business for this one, all you have to do is stay focused. If you’re a mid-senior level employee, this could be the perfect opportunity to prove yourself to senior managers. Show your committed to your role by offering to give training sessions to younger employees. Maybe you could even suggest some external training courses that you think the wider team could benefit from?

  1. Reward your team

With the above in mind, one of the vital and most important things you can ever do is give credit to your team. That doesn’t have to be an employee day out, or even anything of this level. But just simply saying thank you to your employees or team mates can have a massive impact on your team for the better. If you do want to go on to develop your reward scheme, have a look at some of the great incentive schemes that your company could sign up to!

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