Why Businesses Are Turning to Limo Hire for Corporate Travel

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Go back a few years and if you saw a limousine outside a business premises or a hotel, you would assume some celebrity was in town or perhaps an ultra-rich businessman from abroad.  But today, use of limousines is growing and many businesses are turning to these vehicles for corporate travel.  But why?

Create the right impression

One of the main reasons that businesses cite for using limo services for corporate reasons is that it creates a good impression on everyone from customers to investors and even business partners.  There’s something classy and sophisticated about having a smart limousine standing outside the airport with a uniformed driver holding a name board, waiting to collect that important visitor.  It makes them feel valued and this starts their visit off in the right way.

If your business visitor is coming for a few days, then many businesses are going one step further by hiring a limo to give them a tour around the city.  London is famous for its many sights and there is nothing better than seeing them from a limousine.  A good quality car service will even wait for a time outside a popular shop such as Harrods or while the visitor freshens up in their hotel room before taking them on to see the best the city has to offer.

Corporate events


Another popular reason to hire a limo is to attend corporate events.  These can be conventions, meetings, trade shows or anywhere else that the staff are representing the business.  The limo pulling up outside the venue create a good impression and then there is the practical benefits that people often forget.

Ever tried to get four people and a load of equipment into a normal saloon car?  If you have, you will know it can be extremely difficult and often, you can end up hiring two or three cars for a single trip.  But the extra size of the limousine means that everyone and the equipment fit into it with room to spare.  Everyone travels to the venue, relaxed and calm, ready for the big event rather than rushed and harassed.

Getting the right service

Businesses should always check into the background of the company they are considering for their limousine or other executive hire.  While there are many companies offering this kind of service, the quality of the cars and the drivers will make the difference between success and failure of the concept.

By using a high quality professional car service such as Blacklane, businesses know that the service they book is reliable, offers the best quality cars and drivers and offer the best prices.  This means it is a worthwhile investment for the business, making visitors feel special and offering reliable transport.

When making a booking, check into extras such as cancellation.  A good quality service will have clauses such as you can cancel up to one hour before without being charged, ideal for situations where a plane or train is delayed unexpectedly.

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