How To Break out of the Mold Shopping for Clothes

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Have you ever gone shopping and then the next day realized that you bought a lot of stuff that you really didn’t want to buy? Maybe clothes that just don’t make you look like YOU, or clothes that are altogether too commonplace and way too many people out there already have the same thing. Here’s how you can help break out of that cycle and get some clothes that really are going to work for you the way you want them to:

Look For Unique Places Online:

Avoid the big established sites, where everybody else and their dog is going to go. This is a bit of a toughie, because when a site has been around for a while, it gets “discovered” if it’s any good at all, and then everybody and their dog are going.

This is why it’s a good idea to go for the newer sites with fresh and flexible offerings, like this one we have found here. Of course, feel free to scour the internet on your own as well.

Don’t Shop With Friends:

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This is a biggie, and it’s one a lot of us mess up on without even thinking about it. There may be friends that actually will spur you on to buy something original, but most of them are going to be a negative influence on you, even if only simply for lack of imagination. Some of them may even be toxic and try to sabotage you out of jealousy or similar negative emotions. Either way, don’t even give this a chance to happen. Shop alone and watch how your wardrobe steadily improves over time.

Shop When In A Good Mood:

This is another one potentially easily overlooked. Remember that shopping for clothes is never a matter of life or death, no matter what your surface emotions may tell you! You have the luxury of picking an optimum occasion for doing what should honestly be something enjoyable and interesting, so use that luxury to the fullest, and go shop when your mindset is at the highest level. Too often we choose boring clothes because we are depressed and feel we “don’t deserve better”. This is subtle but powerful. You will find yourself more willing to branch out when choosing new clothes if you are in a good mood.

Happy clothes shopping, and may your wardrobe get ever more beautiful!

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