Boost Your Grammar: 9 Best Services to Check the Text

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The importance of grammar is underestimated. It is often remembered when talking about academic texts but is completely forgotten for any other content. And very in vain: according to The Times, it is more difficult for site owners to attract readers to their resource if the pages are placed with articles with errors. And if you are writing a book, then few people will want to get carried away with the plot, which is poorly visible under the bad grammar.

We can conclude that the absence of errors is an important indicator of any type of text. But if you are upset now because grammar is not your strong suit, do not rush to be sad. These nine tools will help you edit your papers to perfection.

Grammar Check

It is the ideal tool for those looking for the easiest and free service for checking their texts. Insert a ready article or essay in a special block, and the program will automatically indicate grammatical errors + offer its corrections. Also, here you can read useful tips on grammar in the blog.

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Writing Services

This service is focused on writing academic papers. But its guide will help both those who want to write an essay or dissertation correctly and those who are working on texts for business or a book. With, you will be able to get a text with even the most complex grammatical constructions.

Cite It In

Grammar is only half the trouble because there is also the correct formatting of academic sources. And this area is subject to very special rules, and, in addition, depends on the chosen style. But Cite It In can easily help with them. The site works simply: you insert the source and format it automatically in the selected style.


Even one conversation with an expert will give you more than the information that you yourself will gather in pieces. And at this service, you can find many professionals. Each of them has extensive experience in writing and editing texts so that they can help you with your grammar and proofreading. You can order any text here

Word Counter

When we write a text, we get used to it because we know it. As a result, some errors are sent to the “blind spot” for us. It is especially true for the banal misspellings. But for the reader, they will be clearly visible and spoil the whole impression of the text. This service will help you: it will accentuate all wrongly spelled words, and you will be able to correct them quickly.

Assignment Partner

Need professional advice on editing? Do you doubt the correctness of your grammar and would like to clarify some points with the expert? Get advice from an experienced writer on this site As a result, you will not only be able to be sure that your text is correct but also improve your skills in general.

Take the time to improve your grammar, visit this service, and read the manual from its experts. There are also detailed guides in their blog but written in simple words, so it is easy and fast to read. It gives an overview of how English grammar works and what to do to write correctly.

Paper Rater

It is a comprehensive online system with which you can check both grammatical errors and spelling and even the uniqueness of the text. The service does not fix bugs for you but points to them and gives you recommendations on how to fix them. Editing texts with Paper Rater is much faster and more efficient.


We left Grammarly for last because probably there is no person, let alone a writer, who has not heard about this site. If we talk about automatic checks, this is the best service that exists. A special algorithm checks texts. It can be used on a website or even as an add-on for a browser.

So, here is the whole list of the best grammar services. I hope we were able to convince you how the absence of errors affects the reader’s interest and satisfaction. Try these sites and programs to check your texts and see for yourself. By the way, you can try to track how your grammar will improve after regular use of services. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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