The Best Supplements for Higher Energy Levels


Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get in shape? Then you need the energy to get in a good workout at least several times a week. A lot of people, though, struggle with low energy because they don’t get enough sleep at night or they’re too stressed out with family and work responsibilities. If you fall into this category, rest assured that there are natural supplements that you can take in order to support a higher energy level that will help you get things done at home, at work, and at the gym.


Ginseng is an herb that helps to support your body’s response to physical exertion, stress, and anxiety. In a study that put ginseng against a placebo, researchers found that individuals with fatigue were able to have improved cognitive function and more energy. So, if you are in search of a natural energy boosting supplement that will not cause severe side effects or cause you to have to see emergency physicians for help, consider taking a bit of ginseng during the day.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that could help red blood cells form. Then those red blood cells work on transporting oxygen throughout your body via the blood, thereby helping you feel more energized. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, you are more likely to feel weakness and fatigue, so supplementing could be just what you need to bring your levels up and get rid of that annoying fatigue.

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Magnesium is a vitally important mineral that you might not be getting enough of through your diet. For example, magnesium plays a role in proper muscle function, nerve function, heart function, and brain function. And if you have trouble sleeping, magnesium might even help you get the rest you need. On top of that, magnesium is also necessary for cells to have the energy that they need to function. So, if you have a deficiency of magnesium, you may have low energy and you may even struggle to complete physical tasks. Eating more pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, avocados, quinoa, beans, almonds, and raw spinach could help, as could taking a high quality supplement.


Another herb that could help your body deal with physical and mental stress, Rhodiola could be taken in supplement form on a daily basis. This supplement may help you if you have trouble focusing, if you suffer with mild depression, and if you are stressed and tired all the time. Taking it earlier in the day is best, though, as it could end up keeping you up at night otherwise. And when you take it regularly, you may notice that your mood improves, your cognitive function improves, and your energy increases.

By taking the right supplements and eating a healthy diet that is packed with nutritious whole food ingredients, you could find that your energy level starts to soar. And you may even start to sleep better at night as well, thanks to the balance that these herbs and nutrients could provide.

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