Best Online Sites to Help Students

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Opportunities that online sites offer.

Students are those individuals who are looking for all opportunities to get some new fresh information that they need in the process of learning. Years ago learners spent much time in libraries. They picked up a huge number of paper books and magazines, reading and rewriting them. We could not say that paper textbooks disappeared from our lives, but we should admit that the life in our century is much easier and better. The internet is available for every single person, and all the data is accessible. Students are able to find books in an online format having them always by their sides.

It is very convenient to use not only textbooks but also articles written by ordinary people, professors, or other students. This is the opportunity that internet offers – to share the information that could be useful for someone. You may find those, who met the same problem as you, had similar questions and their experience will show you the way to solve your task. There are lots of websites that give the chance of online learning and self-education helping the students to improve their skills.

Best Online Sites to Help Students

The variety of websites for students starts with educational ones and includes also cooking, health, shopping, money-saving, and other helpful resources. There lots of online websites that offer ready academic papers and are extremely popular among those undergraduates who have not enough time to fit the deadline. As an example of this, you can visit EssayLab that has many suggestions for its customers.

1 Educational resources

  1. University of Reddit

This website is extremely suitable for those who are learning languages, scientific subjects, and even programming. It has a really simple structure. It allows visitors easily to get access to materials made by the public. The list of data includes courses and separated lessons and every visitor can choose what he likes.

2. Atrixware e-learning blog

It is a company that has become popular by having created an excellent online learning system. Atrixware gives students the chance to make a perfect presentation without many efforts. The blog section is always valuable and you can read the fresh information there at any time of the day.

3. Study guide zone

For any person who is struggling to find the way of preparing for the standardized test, Study guide zone is a perfect solution. It was created for beginning professionals, students, those who are going to apply for college, those who are getting into the military, and those who are looking for a better job. This resource offers a simple system of studying and free materials. Study guide zone provides also information about different types of exams and everything that you need for the preparation.

4. KnowledgeNet

This website was created for those students who are studying computer technologies and have to learn IT-related subjects. It contains useful materials that enable learners to understand the lectures easily and fast. Additionally, KnowledgeNet offers the variety of courses on different subjects related to computers which are saved and always available online.

5. Coursera

It is one of the most accessible learning online resources. On this website, the variety of universities provides free courses for students. The list of subjects is very wide and includes computer science, humanities, business, biology, mathematics, and many others. Any student who wants to enrich his knowledge on the specific subject or find additional information for school projects should necessarily visit this helpful online resource.

6. Alison

Alison is a resource that was created to complete the important aim: to help any student from any part of the world to get a high-quality education for free. The only requirement that is stated for everyone is to be obsessed with studying and have a strong willingness to learn more and more. This website has a variety of courses in different categories.

7. Course Buffet

This resource is made to help you to find information from other websites, saving your time that you would spend on searching. It is not a usual list of courses, it can help you to get more than 700 different courses from various resources. You can easily find what you need and spend more time on learning.


It is a useful app that is accessible on the Apple devices and can be reached at any time and at any place. This app was created in order to make student’s life easier and more convenient as they don’t need to find a specific place for study. Every learner can use iHomework to complete an important task. He can also receive here some course information and homework instructions.

9. Open culture

Open culture has all the useful content for your college projects and also offers the opportunity for personal development that allows everybody to enrich his knowledge in any sphere. The list of topics Open Culture provides the content is really wide and every single person is able to choose something that will be suitable for him. You can find the writing tips here and find the information about history.

  1. Getting Smart

Getting Smart is a learning-focused community that could be named as one of the most effective and passionate from all existing on the web. It would be helpful for those, who are searching study programs, classes on different subjects, and prefer to study online.

  1. Chegg Tutors

It could be named one of the best online tutoring services. It is accessible for every learner who has any question on the studying subject and wants to get the answer. The tutors are ready to help at any time of the day and are working extremely fast. The service provides the opportunity for every learner to choose the tutor yourself and communicate with him or her.

  1. Bibme

Bibme is a writing center that serves online and helps you to check your paper for grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism. One of the greatest features that make it different and better than other similar services is the opportunity to organize the citations and literature list. Lots of students appreciate such opportunity because making citations themselves is not an easy task.

2 Health websites for students


WebMD enables students to recognize their health condition by using the symptom scanner and following the presented instructions for checking. It can be helpful for anybody who is not himself acknowledged with the medicine and wanted to distinguish what is going on with his body. However, it could not be equal to a doctor, and if you feel really bad, you should book the appointment in the hospital.

2.The Ultimate health food guide

It is a great resource to distinguish what food can help in any condition. In case you are ill, you can find the recommendation of what would be helpful for you by using the simple structure of the website.


It is the National Health Service that presents information about various illnesses, diseases, health conditions, and methods of their treatments. This website gives all news in the health sphere. It can also help you to become a blood donor and take part in saving the life of other people.

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3 Shopping websites for students

1. The Book Pond

The Book Pond is one of the greatest online services that help you to sell the textbooks you don’t need anymore or buy some used books for your study.

2. Amazon

This service is well-known among the people as you can find here anything you need. Not surprisingly that it could be helpful for students, who are looking for books, textbooks, and other studying materials. It depends on your preference whether you will choose the local bookstore or buy online.

3. Student Rate

The site that provides a huge system of discounts for the students on any things that they need including clothes, electronics, textbooks, travel, and many others. Here you can buy everything you need much cheaper than you buy in the shops just because you are a student.

4 General Websites for students

It the best program for those, who want to distinguish their sleep hours and to calculate how many hours they should sleep to feel healthy and be in good condition. It is really convenient for the students if they want to sleep healthy, look great, and be effective in their studying.

  1. Keep me out

Keep me out is the helpful thing if you want to concentrate on your studying and avoid the effect of any other websites. With the help of this site, you can block additional websites that might distract you from the learning process.

3.Money Saving Expert

For those who are struggling to make their budget and control the outcomes, Money Saving Expert would be an excellent helper. It contains a system of important advice beginning with the not expensive flights and ending with the bank rates.

4.Wise Bread

It is another helpful tool for those, who are struggling to budget their expenses and become financially educated. This resource includes the list of instructions how to control your spending and save money.

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