How to Approach Your Next Job Interview with More Confidence

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Does the thought of having to attend a job interview bring you out in a cold sweat? This is a common problem for millions of job-seekers who don’t feel confident in the run up to an interview and eventually fail in their attempt to start a new career with a new employer. However, it does not have to be like this and there are many ways you can overcome this issue. Below are some of the most effective ways you can build up your confidence and succeed in your next job interview.

Lay the Proper Foundations

First of all, you need to look inwards and identify any personal problems that may be affecting your confidence. There may even be personal factors that are holding you back that you’re not aware of, so it’s worth considering getting a second opinion from one of the many professional counseling services that are available

These counseling professionals have the experience, tools and skills required to help you face many different life challenges including those that affect your career. With the right help, you can overcome many of the root causes of anxiety and the lack of confidence that could prevent you from landing your ideal job in the future.



If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail and this is certainly true when it comes to job interviews. Most interviewers are able to quickly identify the people who have prepared properly for an interview and those who have not. The way you answer each interview question is a clear indicator of how much research and preparation you have carried out before you go to an interview.

When preparing for an interview, you should look for example interview questions and find out how to answer them in the best way possible. Some questions will be job-related, while other questions will be of a personal nature. This means you need to research standard HR type questions, but you also need to research the position you are applying for and your potential future employer.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more familiar you are with the interview process, the more you will grow in confidence. If possible, ask a friend or a family member to help you carry out a test interview. You should also practice how to answer interview questions aloud, until you feel comfortable with this situation.

Make a List of All the Things That Can Go Wrong and Address Each Point


Unfortunately, a lot of people are afraid of the unknown and this increases the anxiety they experience before and during an interview. However, if you face your fears head-on, you can overcome this fear. You should identify any problems that could affect your chances of getting a particular job.

For instance, you should go through your resume in fine detail and identify any possible weakness or awkward explanations you may have to give to your interviewers. Once you are aware of the issue before going into an interview, you can prepare a more comprehensive answer instead of being ‘caught on the hop’ during the interview itself.

Relaxation Aids

A wide range of mental and physical relaxation aids are available that will keep you more composed when you sit down at an interview table. Effective examples of these relaxation aids include a variety of breathing techniques, visualizing yourself getting the job you’re applying for and taking your time before answering questions.

A job interview is an opportunity for an employer to find out how suitable a candidate is for a particular role in a company. Every employer looks for someone who is competent, knowledgeable and above all has the confidence required to carry out the tasks they want them to carry out if the interviewee is hired. Each of the tips above will go a long way towards improving this confidence.

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