ACCA full-time vs. ACCA part-time

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is one of the most sought-after accounting qualifications in the world. With a presence in 179 countries, the ACCA certification provides students with the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about international accounting standards and regulations. Furthermore, students develop crucial accounting skills pertaining to the finance and accounting sector. ACCA is recognised globally and holds a good standing in the accounting world, allowing ACCA-qualified professionals to explore job opportunities in any part of the world.

Due to the significant increase in ACCA aspirants, ACCA courses are offered by universities on-campus as well as through online delivery. If you are planning to opt for the ACCA qualification exams and are wondering which mode of learning would be the best choice for you, this blog is for you. Read on to get a vivid idea of how a full-time ACCA programme compares with the part-time format.

ACCA full-time vs. ACCA part-time

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  • Ease of access: While pursuing a full-time ACCA course would require you to attend physical classes at university, part-time ACCA gives you the liberty to study from the comfort of your home. The ease of access presented by part-time ACCA programmes helps students acquire quality educati9on from anywhere in the world. 
  • Cost-effective: Part-time courses usually have low tuition fees compared to full-time programmes. Furthermore, taking up a part-time or online course will save you the cost of commute, which is unavoidable if you opt for a full-time ACCA course. 
  • Curriculum: The ACCA course structure, whether delivered online or on-campus, is the same across all modes of learning. In order to help students ace the ACCA qualification exams, it is essential that students acquire in-depth and updated knowledge about all the concepts. Hence, the curriculum of both modes of learning does not vary. 
  • Access to study materials: Online classes allow you to access study material through a platform at any time, anywhere. However, full-time courses only provide you with classroom lectures. In addition, an online ACCA course allows you to record lectures and watch them at a convenient time and interact with the faculty. 
  • Work while studying: If you are a working professional, it will be impossible to juggle between full-time classes and work. However, part-time classes allow you to study without having to neglect your professional obligations. Part-time ACCA courses are the perfect fit for working individuals.
  • Flexibility: While part-time courses provide you the flexibility of studying at your own pace and time, it is not the same for a full-time ACCA course. Like any other full-time programme, pursuing an ACCA programme full-time would mean fixed schedules. Furthermore, you will have to keep up with the pace of the entire class. 
  • Peer interaction and campus experience: A full-time ACCA course will allow you to interact with your peers in person and experience the campus life first-hand. On the other hand, part-time or online courses allow you to interact with your peers virtually, with no experience of campus life. 

If you are planning to pursue an ACCA course, ensure that you factor in the above-mentioned elements before deciding on the mode of learning. Acquiring an ACCA qualification is not an easy road to tread, however, you can ace it with the right preparation and determination. So, sign up for a preparatory course today and fulfil your dream of becoming an ACCA-certified accountant. 

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