5 Ways to Search for Your Perfect Career

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There are many jobs out in the world. There are also many careers out in the world. Ultimately, there is that one career that you have your heart set on – the perfect career for you. Whatever that career might be, you’re probably wondering how you even get started pursuing it. Here are some solid tips to get you started on your career search!

Get on LinkedIn

In 2019, LinkedIn is the Facebook of the career-searching world. There are numerous companies that are actively a part of LinkedIn; some companies often post their career ads on LinkedIn either exclusively or before using other job boards. Many companies also give preference to LinkedIn applicants. You will want to make sure your profile is professional and highlights your experience and skillset.

Use Indeed and Glassdoor

Indeed is the largest job board on the internet. Glassdoor isn’t far behind Indeed. Plenty of reputable and high-profile companies post ads for candidates on each job board. From my personal experience, Glassdoor is more job field and career focused. However, this is not to say that you can’t find prime opportunities on Indeed! In fact, I would highly recommend using both during your search for your perfect career because not all companies cross post their ads.

Consider using a staff agency

It can sometimes seem like staffing agencies are a dime a dozen nowadays; it goes without saying that some staffing agencies are better than others. If you have a niche field you’re itching to break into, you will want to consider a high caliber staffing agency. For example, if your perfect dream career was working with blockchain technology, then you would want to consider a specialist job recruitment agency. Instead of trying to match you with careers in a broader range of fields, a specialist staffing agency can place you right in the middle of your desired niche career.

Utilize regional resources

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Depending on where you live, there are regional resources at your disposal. These regional resources are often overlooked by other job and career seekers, so they are often worth looking into. In most areas you can utilize temporary agencies that are run by nonprofits or even subsidized by state and local governments. Additionally, you can take advantage at job fairs held around your area. The possibilities are almost endless, to be honest.

Attend workshops and networking events

Workshops and networking benefit you, whether you find your dream career at a function or not. Workshops allow you to work on yourself and your skills. For example, a resume workshop may help you tweak your resume for your dream career. Networking allows you to meet professionals in your field. For really big networking or workshop events that are not very close to you, you should consider traveling. You never know when you will meet that right person, at that right time, who will help you get closer to landing your perfect career.

Starting the search for your dream career can seem daunting and challenging at first. Often times it’s hard to know where to start your search. Following these tips will hopefully get you started on your search for your dream career. Best of luck out there!

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