5 Ways The Rise of Mobile Technology Has Helped Business

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Mobile technology has brought consumers and businesses closer together and completely changed the way business is done for the better. From tap to pay technology to direct communication and daily deal updates, the customer experience is becoming more intimate and personalized and this is only the beginning. Below we’ve collected 5 different ways in which mobile technology continues to pave the way for innovation and help countless different business sectors thrive.

  1. Products and services are much more flexible

Almost all services offered by companies offer an offline ‘on-the-go’ method of interaction, ranging from tap to pay payment methods linked directly to the consumer’s bank accounts to more flexible ways to play mobile games and apps that boosts the success of websites such as online UK casinoWizard Slots, wizardslots.com/all-games. This has also had a knock-on affect in the marketing sectors with new and inventive experiences being created off the back of the mobile platform.

  1. Ease of communication

Messaging apps such as Slack and Whatsapp are extremely useful for keeping a workforce in touch with each other, even if others are mobile. Similarly instant messaging services available for customers ensure effective communication.

  1. Employment flexibility

Today’s employees are calling for more flexible, fluid work environments that offer the ability to work anytime, anywhere. In fact, 39% of employees have communicated this factor as one of the most important in job satisfaction surveys.

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  1. Time Saving

Utilising mobile solutions can often save huge amounts of time undertaking regular tasks that would otherwise require a lot of forms and other resource-heavy local paperwork. Increased ease of scanning and imaging using mobile platforms makes sure customer facing staff can stay focused on their jobs. For smaller businesses the use of mobile, cloud-based solutions to carry out tasks like expenses can be hugely helpful and often results in big savings.

  1. Reduced paper work

A startlingly large number of British businesses still rely on paper or spreadsheets when it comes to filing expenses claims and in general workplace tasks. However, a number of apps carry a focus on eliminating unnecessary paper work with some opting to completely digitize documents, enabling on-the-go employees to access these documents more effectively without the need to then forward them to a PC. The ability to share files and documents at any time from any location is an invaluable tool that all modern business now takes advantage of.

In conclusion, mobile-friendly software and the move of outdated and slow process to a faster, digital format has helped save time, money and energy that can be diverted back into the growth of the business. Similarly employee satisfaction and growing demands for flexible work environments have been allowed to come to fruition thanks to advances in mobile software to allow more flexible working to become a reality.

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