5 Tips to Keep Homeworkers Healthy and Happy

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If you’re tired of office politics and stolen sandwiches, working at home might seem blissful in comparison.

Declaring a perpetual duvet day and listening to any music you choose sounds divine.

But remote working presents challenges to the self-employed, employers and employees alike.

So here are five tips to keep homeworkers healthy and happy.

  1. Don’t get stuck indoors

Social interaction is vital for mental health and it’s in short supply for remote employees.

ACAS suggests 20 per cent of homeworkers feel socially isolated — all the more reason to network, meet friends or visit the shops.

Regular human contact maintains sharp social skills and keeps you refreshed — factors taken for granted in a communal workspace.

  1. Exercise

Even sedentary office jobs involve physical activity — walking to and from the bus stop and between meetings burns calories.

But your Fitbit will barely register the few steps between your bedroom and study that constitute your new commute.

Exercise is good for your psychological and physical health — fit a few 10-minute home cardio workouts into your daily routine to stay strong and serene.

Additionally, a vertical desk allows you to spend some time standing up instead of slouching in your seat during your shift.

  1. Education

If you’ve switched to salaried home working and are wondering what to do with the time formerly spent travelling, you can use it to enhance your education.

Adapting well to remote working might even make you wonder whether you’d like to go the whole hog and work for yourself.

There are lots of distance learning courses to choose from — but online business management degrees are a good choice for budding entrepreneurs who want to earn while they learn in preparation for launching a new enterprise.

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  1. Family adaptation

Spending more time alone than previously can lead to cabin fever and this has a knock-on effect on relationships.

So be careful not to overwhelm your partner with chatter as soon as they return from work and don’t get upset when they leave each morning — they’ll soon tire of needy behaviour.

And you might need to explain to friends that you’re still actually working and not always available for daytime sports events and refreshments.

  1. Food

Diet and productivity are closely linked — and with no need to rush out for lunch every day, working at home presents the perfect opportunity to plan a healthier diet.

Eating your largest meal in the morning can set your body up for a busy day — but don’t overload on carbs otherwise you might fall asleep during a crucial teleconference.

And eating at the wrong time can also affect sleep quality, another vital factor that ensures your brain and body are firing on all cylinders.

So stock your fridge with pre-prepped meals and healthy snacks to fuel premium performance.

Follow these five tips and you’ll be fit for life while working at home.

Do you work from home? Share your health tips in the comments section.

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