5 Jobs that are Making a Comeback

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Job markets can fizzle out and end, even if they appear strong, and most people with any experience realize this. It’s a sad truth, but sometimes an industry’s usefulness expires and then the jobs associated no longer exist. This puts people out of work and it’s tough. We’ve seen this with coal mining, and those workers have needed re-training so that they can join the workforce again. But sometimes, a lot of jobs on their way out make a comeback, and those can be great for people trying to find work after leaving an industry that no longer had work. These jobs are often trades on the more creative side, because we’ve seen a resurgence in those fields, but they can also be on the more laborious and physical end. Keep in mind though, you’ll want to get yourself ready before changing your career or just finding one at all.


This is one of the jobs more on the creative side. For a while, it seemed that barbers were going out of favor, but recently, many young people have sought to bring this skill back. It’s sort of accessing an old-timey art, but it’s proving to be a useful one. The ability to get a shave during your haircut makes the experience more worth it.

This isn’t a quick job though. As a barber, you’re expected to take at least an hour on your clients for the most part. This is because the skill focuses on a serious attention to detail. So, for those looking for something creative and detail-oriented, this might be the career for you.


This one isn’t so much regarding factory farming, which is a growing industry that isn’t really going away. This is about the small-time farming. People who are selling their harvest at farmers’ markets and more local sources, rather than the big jobs and cross-country market that factory farms feed.

More and more people though are starting their own simpler farms though. There’s a market for it because lots of people want to buy local. A lot of young people are finding jobs in agriculture to support the effort to keep food locally sourced, but many of these kids are getting schooling on farming.

Getting a degree isn’t the worst idea for farming, because there’s a lot to know, and a lot that can really benefit you. It’s worth it though, because that degree can go far in other industries as well, including the cannabis industry that’s starting up in new states across the country every year.


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If you want to see the country, then you might want to think about trucking jobs. It’s going to require a new kind of license to drive those big vehicles, but it gives you a chance to drive long distances to places you never thought you would go otherwise.

SteelPro is looking for new drivers, and they have the flexibility to let you work on your own schedule. If you want to get on the road, then this is a good career to consider.


This is a job that has taken on a new meaning in recent years, because now there’s an emphasis on saving the bees. Research shows that bee populations are going down, which is detrimental to the Earth because they promote pollination. Being a beekeeper and tending to those little populations helps their well-being which means the bottom of the food chain, plants that require their pollination, won’t topple and cause any problems. If you’re afraid of getting stung, don’t worry. You’ve probably seen the big suit beekeepers wear and it will keep you safe.


This is a job that hasn’t seen much of its original use in a while. This is another skill on the creative end, but it’s also very physical by nature. It requires a lot of strength and endurance to be banging hot metal into something usable.

Blacksmiths making swords and other weapons is more of a novelty than anything in the modern day. Since wars are fought without those tools, people are more into the art of the craft and the art of the wielding. That’s keeping this industry alive though, and now we’re seeing more interest with the new competition show, “Forged in Fire,” on the History channel. Contestants from all over are coming to compete and win money for their smithing skills. The viewership of this show is causing a new interest in the craft that means that people will be wanting to buy from this industry.

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